AD9467, Low Speed Input Signal ( < 1 MHz)

Hello, I am considering using the AD9467 to sample a relatively low frequency input signal. The signal tracks a non-periodic event which will range in frequency from 1MHz to as low as 1 KHz. When the event is not active the signal will sit at some constant voltage. After the event the signal will transistion to some voltage which I will need to measure. The reason I want to use this ADC is because I want to find out what the voltage level was just prior to the event occuring (I'm going to maintain a history buffer of samples which I'll snapshot when the event occurs). After the event an FPGA will use the starting voltage to correct the event voltage. The starting voltage needs to be as close as possible in time right prior to the start of the event hence the high sample rate.The source signal varies from 0V to 5V. There will be a circuit to shift it up and scale it to give it a 2 V common mode voltage with the necessary swing to match the ADC's input requirements.

My question is whether or not the AD9467 is the right ADC for the job. I want 16-bits and a high sample rate but the input signal is well below where the ADC was designed to operate and its aperiodic nature does not seem to be suitable for an AC coupled ADC driver.

Sorry for being cryptic about the application. I can provide more detail in a private email.

Thanks very much for your time,


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