[URGENT] AD9253 has noise on output signal.


Could you please let me know how to improve the noise as follows ? We have already ordered AD9253 and AD8138 for their mass production which will start in this April.

[Condition] CLK : 15MHz, Analog input : DC+0.9V

The customer recognized the output noise about 10LSB. The FPGA convert the serial output from AD9253 into the parallel data which is monitored by the customer below sequence. At first the analog input signal level is +0.9V. However it's risen by 3LSB, the noise is occurred. It's about 10LSB. Moreover the input level is risen by 3LSB, the noise is gone out. But risen by more 3LSB, the noise is occurred again.

When the input signal is fixed as +0.9V, the setting of the register 0x10 is changed the output noise is occurred too.

The customer says the power supply is clean. AD8138 is ADC driver for AD9253.



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