Tcyc of LTC2310-14


Regarding LTC2310-14 data sheet, Tcyc max is 1msec. Our customer considers that Tconv plus Treadout is about 800nsec. When Tcnvh is close to 1msec, he is warried about Tcyc beyond 1msec. Can LTC2310-14 work at Tcyc > 1msec ? Could you please let me know the concern about working at Tcyc > 1msec ?

One more question regarding the ADC, what does 14-bit + sign mean ?  Why isn't it differential 15-bit ADC ?



  • Tcyc max is a carryover from parts with 1 cycle of latency where the SCK is used to perform the conversion. I do not believe that is an issue with parts that have the conversion internally clocked.

    There is no difference really between 14-bit + sign and 15-bit ADC. Traditionally, ADCs have an even number of bits, so 14-bit + sign was used for this ADC.

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