AD9257 Xilinx IP


My team is interfacing with the AD9257 and we have got the demo board, but we need to interface with a custom FPGA setup.  Is there some IP already created for the AD9257 like there is for the AD9265 found in this repository?:


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  • Hi Buckd,

    For example:

    • AD9637 is the 12bit version of the AD9257 (14bit). They use the same FPGA program.
    • The AD9249 is a 14bit 16 channel ADC that uses the same output drivers and format as the AD9257. It uses a different FPGA program because we have it on a different FPGA, and it has 16 channels vs 8 channels.
    • There is an older family of octal ADCs AD9282 (8bit), AD9212 (10bit), AD9222 (12bit), AD9252 (14bit) which have different ADC cores compared to the ADCs listed above, but they share the LVDS drivers so they use the same FPGA program as the other 8 channel parts.
    • All the above are 1-lane serial LVDS.

    FYI I'm out-of-the-office tomorrow but will return on Friday.