Connecting AD 9680 Eval Board to Xilinx VCU118


For a quick prototype we are planning to connect the AD 9680 Eval board to the Xilinx VCU118 FPGA Eval board via FMC connectors. We will make a custom board that routes the necessary pins of AD 9680 eval board from its FMC connector to the FMC connector of the VCU118 board. I can take care of programming the AD 9680 via SPI from the VCU118 FPGA board. My question is:

1- In the schematics (RevB) of the AD 9680 eval board there is SPI programming lines routed from the FMC connector to AD9526. I believe AD9526 was never released to public and the device close to it is AD9528. Can I assume that the datasheet of AD9528 can be used to understand AD9526 (actually it is not labeled in the schematics at all).

2-Is it required to program AD9528 (or AD 9526) using SPI or it operates in default mode. Basically can I just worry about programming AD 9680 from the Xlinx VCU118 board.

Please respond as soon as possible.



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