AD9695 x2 decimation

We currently have a working design that uses an input clock of 491.52 MHz in full bandwidth mode.This design uses one JESD lane @ 9.83GHz.  This provides JESD receive interface that presents 2 samples per 245.76 MHz clock period.

I wish to change the design to allow an input clock of 983.04 MHz (doubling the clock rate). But I want the ADC to decimate x2 so that the the data rate is still the same (1 JESD lane,  2 samples per 245.76 clock) remains the same.  Is this possible ?  It looks like I should be able to do it with one DDC (per ADC channel).  And using the Fs/4 NCO programming with HB1+HB2.

Do I need to program coefficients for the filters ?   Is there an example configuration that is similar to this?  Thanks, -Bruce 

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