Eval01-HMCAD1511 Bill Of Materials

Hi everybody,

i am a little bit in trouble with the HMCAD1511 evaluation board. I am using this board connected to my Zedboard and i want to generate the 1GHz sampling clock on board.

Since the Zedboard i have is not capable of creating such signal, i  want to solder the PLL chip on the HMCAD1511 board. I searched on the Hardware User Guide of the board

(here is the link to the document: https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/evaluation-documentation/hardware-users-guide-140-00036-00-15xx.pdf)

and in the part list is only referred as "do not mount" component.

Does anyone have the complete part list for the board? it will really save me time.

Thanks for the help.

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