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AD9238 acceptable analog inputs levels


Which are the limitations for Vin+ and Vin- voltages for AD9238 in single-ended applications? I haven't found particular values in the datasheet. In my application I'd like to engage single-ended input configuration with signal potentials close to AVCC.

I guess that Vin+, Vin- are required to be within analog power rails, while absolute value of their difference doesn't exceed reference voltage. The implicit conformation of my guess is that in AD9235 datasheet, which is said to have the same core as AD9238, figure 34 (see below) claims that there is no dramatic parameters degradation when common-mode level varies from 0.5 to 2.5 Volts. For AVCC = 3.0V and Vref = 1.0V it means that analog inputs are allowed to be anywhere from 0 to 3.0V, i.e. GND and AVCC.

Thank you.


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