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DC1532A-L (LTC2263-12) with MicroZed FMC Carrier Card


I'd like to connect the DC1532A-L Evaluation Board to the MicroZed Board via the FMC Carrier Card. Has anyone experience if they are compatible? If I read the schematics of the evaluation board right, it has a FMC HPC Connector, but only the LPC subset is connected. The FMC Carrier Card only has LPC.


  • The DC1532 only uses pins on the LPC connector so it should be compatible with the LPC connector on the Microzed board. Let me know if you need any help. 

  • Hi Clarence,

    when trying to program the Microzed via JTAG using Xilinx SDK, while DC1532A-L is also connected to the FMC Carrier Card, I always get the error:

    "Could not find FPGA device on the board for connection 'Local'.

    Troubleshooting hints:
    1. Check whether board is connected to system properly.
    1. In case of zynq board, check whether Digilent/Xilinx cable switch settings are correct.
    1. If you are using Xilinx Platform Cable USB, ensure that status LED is green.
    Program FPGA failed"

    If I try to program the Microzed without DC1532A-L being plugged in I don't get any problems. I also tried programming the Microzed inside Vivado using the Hardware Manager, but the board won't get recognized by Vivado, when DC1532A-L is connected.

    Do you have any experience or idea what could cause this problem? Somehow I guess the card is interfering with the JTAG connection.

    I already asked the question at the forum, but they also don't know what's happening with this problem.


  • I solved this by shorting TDO and TDI at the FMC connector on the Carrier Card.

  • Yes, that is the solution.  Thank you for the update.