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AD9684 decimation ratio


I need to set decimation ratio to decimated by one but I can only set to 2, 4, 8 (I don't need 16).

I have setup AD9684 registers as below to capture real signal only on 2 channels.

chip application mode (register 0x200) = 0x22

chip decimation ratio (register 0x201) = 0x00

DDC0 control (register 0x310) = 0x5B

DDC0 input selection(register 0x311) = 0x00

DDC1 control (register 0x330) = 0x5B

DDC1 input selection(register 0x331) = 0x05

output mode control(register 0x559) = 0x01 (tied to OVR bit)

Output Mode (register 0x561) = 0x00

LVDS Output Mode (register 0x568) = 0x01

all other registers are set as default.

is there any specific setting I need to do?

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  • all registers are set to default value (as per your suggestion above) setting 0x200 (chip application mode) to "full bandwidth".

    we only have registers:

    0x561 (output mode) set to "offset binary"  and 

    0x568 (LVDS output mode) set to "parallel interleaved mode (two converters)".

    we only need two channels raw data to be sampled no FFT or DSP required.