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AD9655 Anlog input interface through Transformers


   I Have some queries regarding AD9655 Evaluation schematics ,Please clarify the below queries.

   1. Evaluation schematic inputs connected only Ain+ why?

   2. If i am getting signal from  Board. using Differential driver i have to use AIN+ and AIN-or i have to convert to Single ended again in my board

   3. Please provide schematics for Differential input with transformer coupling. 

  • 1. that is the schematic we used to test the AD9655 in the lab. our signal generators are single ended and we need a way to convert them to differential. 

    2. you can remove the transformers and place an additional SMA connector to enable differential connection

    3. the same schematic can be used to convert to a fully differential front end.

  • i want to use transformer coupling with Differential input configuration Please provide List of Mount and DNI Components for the same.

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