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Unable to configure AD6655

I am working on AD6655 adc. i was able to cofigure it properly but from last 1 week i am struggling with it. I am using channel A, i can see Clock is comming at CLK pins(49,50) but DCOA is having lots of noise and drift.Previously, I was able to get DCOA without programing the device, but not now.

Thanks in advnce??

  • Hi,

    I have a couple of questions for you to help troubleshoot your issue.

    Are you using the AD6655 evaluation board and EVALCZ data capture board?

    Or are you using your own system board?

    What is your clock amplitude at pins 49, 50?

    What do the data outputs look like?  Are you getting output data from them?



  • hi Jonathan,

    i m using my own board, I am getting 2Vpp on both 49,50 pins.

    data pins have random outputs.


  • Hi,

    Can you please send a list of the SPI writes you are using to configure the AD6655?  Also, please verify that when you write to configure the device that the settings are being written properly (i.e. read back to verify that the settings are what you expect).