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Input Clock LTC2248

Hi guy, I'm starting to develop a new project, and I want to use the LTC2248 High speed ADC with a microcontroller to read out the ADC conversion, my question is about the input clock. Can I use the microcontroller PWM output pin to generate the input clock? And how about the SNR in this case? 
Or I need another input source clock for the ADC? What do you recommend?

Thank you

Luiz Roque

  • What sample rate are you planning on using?  In all likelihood the micro-controller will not be fast enough, or have the jitter performance required for the LTC2248.  For a high speed ADC an FPGA is usually used to collect the data and depending on clock requirements and input frequency, a clock can be used from an FPGA.  Typically a low jitter source like a AD9510 or VCXO is used for the clock of an ADC.  

    Give me some more information about your application and we can have a better discussion.