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How to convert Accelerometer data from ADXL375 into Velocity for condition monitoring?

We are building a 0 to 1600Hz Bandwidth Vibration signal analysis system using ADXL372, ADXL375 & ADXL 357 based on budget. We will perform FFT of these values on dsPIC33xx

Our frequency of interest is 30Hz to 240Hz, and would like to know if:

  1. We should monitor Velocity instead of Acceleration for these frequency range
  2. How do we convert the acceleration data into reliable velocity data at Sampling rates of more than 6400 samples per axis?
  3. Any suggestions/guides for onboard FFT on dsPIC33 (100MIPS) MCU with 32kb SRAM
  4. Any resource for us to gain more insights on above two points would be helpful

All the inputs appreciated! Thank you in advance.