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@Hdlc: Connection Error: Unexpected manager_hello, occuring repeatedly with Voyager 3 Condition Based Monitoring System

I was wondering if somebody could provide some explanation as to what this error is and how to fix it, occurring with the Voyager 3, Condition Based Monitoring Platform. I was evaluating this system and it has been working fine for just under three weeks but out of nowhere I was not able to detect any mote due to this issue. I then reflashed the mote I was using and everything started working again but only for 15 minutes until the same error occurred. This is the only device similar to this we have in the office so I'm sure there is no interference occurring. The mote and gateway are with 30 cm of each other and it was working perfectly and stopped out of nowhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  • Hello,

    Could you please share any screenshots of the GUI/DOS box when not working.

    What LEDs are on when the mote is not working?

    Does the device manager show four COM ports assigned for the SMIP manager when the mote is not connected/working?

    Did you expose the module to any vibrations, if so, what g range?


  • The GUI just looks as it does normally before connecting to a COM port.

    The mote currently has the red light on constantly and the green light flashing consistently.

    Yes device manager shows four COM ports, I just attempted to connect again for the first time in a while and the red light went away and the mote connected, however the frames are being completed very slowly. One frame took 92 seconds.

    Yes I exposed it to vibrations of about 0.6g with remove ADC offset unticked.

    As I'm finishing writing this three more long frames occurred, one took 85 seconds another 88 and another took 84. There are normal length frames occurring as well however.

    One more thing to note is that we have another mote that is working perfectly fine with the SmartMesh IP USB Network Manager.