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ADCMXL Evaluation Software is not working.

Hi All,

I have bought ADCMXL Evaluation System: FX3 Board + ADCMXL_BRKOUT/PCBZ + ADcmXL3021, however, I got stuck as ADCMXL evaluation software is always showing error as "Unable to connect to an FX3 board: FX3 board search timed out" as in the attached picture.

I followed the Getting started user guide given in the device's wiki link. I was able to execute few steps successfully as followed:

Step 1: On the ADcmXL FX3 Interface Board, the 2 connectors that interface to the FX3 board  Pin 3 was cut on both headers successfully.

Step 2: FX3 and ADcmXL FX3 Interface Board, Both were successfully connected together, with all 4 jumpers connected.

Step 3: Successfully Connected shorter ribbon cable from DcmXL FX3 Interface Board.

Step 4: Successfully Connected the FX3 Evaluation Board to the PC with the ADCMXL Evaluation Software using the provided USB3.0 cable that is shipped with the Cypress FX3 Evaluation kit box. (as in the screenshot it can be seen that the device is successfully connected.)

However, when I am trying to verify the USB connection by starting the software, it gives an error as "Unable to connect to an FX3 board" as in the screenshot. I also noted that when I start the evaluation software application then my device manager starts refreshing again and again (instead of a device to reconnect as “Analog Devices iSensor FX3 Demonstration Platform" as given in the guide).

Kindly someone advise to make it work, it's quite an expensive kit. 

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