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EVAL-ADCM connection issue


I has a EVAL-ADCM evaluation kits and would like to test ADcmXL3021.

However, our PC is fail to connect the Eval kits.

I follow the following guide and install both FX3 driver and evaluation SW

One LED on the FX3 board and one on EVAL-ADCM is lighted up. Both board is working well.

However, our PC comm unable to connect FX3. Would it be a driver issue?

Appreciate any advice.

Thank you.


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  • Hi,

    My FX3 driver is OS is window 10 pro

    All 4 jumper like J4 and J5 is connected.

    After I retry with J4 and J5 open, it is able to connect. Might I know how do the jumpers work?

    With J5 jumper connect, ADcmXL3021 able to capture data. It doesn't work when J5 open.

    Appreciate your advice.