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Does Analog Devices provide any help with attaching MEMS sensors to machines?

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  • We designed a mounting cube to allow simple attachment (#10 machine screw) of our MEMS sensors to assets. EVAL-XLMOUNT1 is a mechanically optimized cube allowing sensors to connect to any of 5 faces.

    This means that the datasheet frequency response is maintained when the mounting cube is deployed on an asset or motor. The cube has a resonant frequency up to 20kHz.

    Breakout coupon boards for multiple accelerometer families that are designated as EVAL-ADXL100XZ, EVAL-ADXL35XZ, EVAL-ADXL37XZ are compatible with this mechanical mount.


    ADcmXL3021/ADcmXL1021 are CbM modules, consisting of sensors, signal chain, processing, FFT, memory and alarm capabilities all in an aluminum package with a resonance over 50kHz.

    These CbM modules have four mounting flanges to support installation with standard machine screws.

  • Hello,

    Is it possible to mount the ADcmXL3021 to a strong magnet, for example, instead of screwing the mounting flanges directly to the vibration source? Would this impact data readings?