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USE the adv7441. when input HDMI  to PORT A, maybe one source of the video(1080 P60) input is ok,but another source of the video(1080 P60) not , so when input unsuccessful, read the register, is that  TMDS_PORT_A_ACTIVE,VIDEO_PLL_LOCKED,TMDS_CLK_A_RAW   lock ok, and  sometimes V_LOCKED_RAW    VERT_FILTER_LOCKED  locked unfair. but  in the… (Show more)
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  We are developing board prototype using Xilinx Zynq ZC702 board, in which we are trying to enable HDMI output. Here we have used an chipset form Analog Devices-adv7511 & trying with a reference design from We are developing the system in Linux OS. when we try the… (Show more)
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We're using an ADV7619 with HDCP support to decrypt HDCP video.   We're trying to configure the adv7619 as a repeater for HDCP.   To accomplish this it's my understanding that we need to do the following:   Set BCAPS[6] on initialization. Determine we want HDCP from upstream AKSV writes (read from IO Map Addr 0x98) Do downstream authentication and… (Show more)
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Hi Could you state INTRQ1/2/3 pin condition of the ADV748x when it set to power down, output L or Hi-Z Regards, Tomoto
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hi,   we have purchased a EVAL-ADV7612-7511P board for our project demo, we need to know what is the test setup for this board. In the package there is no documentation regarding quick start guide or test setup.   In this regard, i need guidance from the domain people.   I have gone through the ADV7612 design files, but didn't get any idea.  I… (Show more)
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I use the ADV7619 and currently read the incoming HDMI 1.4b VSIF (Vendor Specific Infoframe). Now I need to also read the incoming Dolby VSIF. I don't see any mechanism for the ADV7619 to capture two different VSIF's at the same time, i.e. two different infoframes with Packet Type 0x81.  Is there a solution?
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We are using the ADV7842 in our product and I am currently attempting to configure the device to capture component video. HDMI input works fine but I'm having a difficult time getting the component processor to lock on to the incoming component signal. The analog front end I believe is set up right; I set PRIM_MODE to 0x01 and VID_STD to 0x13 (and… (Show more)
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i found AD9984AKCPZ  64pin  dont have the GND pin,does it have the pin with same function ?
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We are still failing jitter tolerance test. we are considering to use the ADV7619 in our redesign. We are wondering whether the ADV7619 evalution board passes the HDMI-sink compliance test, especially regaring jitter and skew tolerance. The corresponding test case (CTS 1.4b, Test ID 8-7: TMDS – Jitter Tolerance) can be conducted in many ways… (Show more)
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Hi, I am looking for single solution for video encoder and decoder. I came across ADV7202 and just wanted to confirm whether it will suite our requirements.   1) Can I decode NTSC/PAL video over composite? 2) Can I decode composite video and encode composite video simultaneously?
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