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Does Analog Device provide and chip supporting HDMI2.0 input and output interfaces? I am looking for a video processor with HDMI2.0 (4K@60fps) input and output ports. Major requirements are OSD, PIP, Video enhancement and digital video data recording etc..
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I am working on a project involving the ADV7403, for which we anticipate using non-standard video modes.  Looking at the example register settings, there seem to be sections involving setting register 0x0e to 0x80, which I assume is some sort of paging register.  However, the registers accessed by this paging scheme do not appear to be listed in… (Show more)
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Hello,   We are searching a way to detect the loss of CLOCK INPUT CLKIN Signal through the I2C Port.   - Is there a register related to this system failure ?   By experimentation, we observed that 0xBA (SD brightness detect) et 0xBB (field count) register are stuck on the last value when CLKIN is not present.   -What is the purpose of these… (Show more)
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Hi, I have the following problem: using an FPGA, I send to the ADV7341 (mounted over the ADV734xEBZ Eval Board) a video stream (single pixel - 30 bit RGB) plus sync signals (VSYNCn e HSYNCn) with a reference clock of 27MHz in PAL format (line period is 64us: 4.67us HSYNC Width + 5.11us HSYNC Back Porch + 53.33us Valid Pixel +  0.889us HSYNC Front… (Show more)
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We have determined that the assignment of the test pins C11 and P3 in document UG-214 and in the data sheet is different. In UG-214, C11 should be connected to 3.3V via 4k7, in the data sheet to GND. P3 is to float according to UG-214, according to data sheet on GND lie. What is right, or what is the last stand? In the circuit diagram of the… (Show more)
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Hi,   What's the best way to not used an analog input on the ADV7280?   That's the ordinary way:     that's what i want to do :   regards.
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My customer is facing problems with the SW download as described in the attached PDF file.    Once the file is Copied to c:\ADV     (Windows 10)    Tried to run \software\setup.bat  but got and error message: as described in the attached Pic1 file. *** there is no GUI to set to another directory as in the document ****   IN the… (Show more)
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Hi All, Greetings!! I am using the video encoder IC ADV7393 to encode 16bit RGB to Y/C output. But as per the requirement, the output should be differential Y_p/n and C_p/n output. Can the single ended outputs be connected directly to differential output pins of external connector or a single ended to differential converter is required? Or can… (Show more)
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Please give me some advices.   <Composition> PC → EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ → Monitor   I've evaluated ADV7625 by EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ.   ・If EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ(Transceiver mode) is input 1366x768, Monitor blink (display→Black→display )  every 3~5 minutes.   ・If EVAL-ADV7625-SMZ(Transceiver mode) is input 1080p, Monitor is stable.   ・If… (Show more)
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Hi   I found ADI changed ADV7281A datasheet. Rev.0 Rev.A *************************************************************************************************************** Q1) Why ADI changed this value? Q2) Which is correct? 0.2mm? 0.25mm? … (Show more)
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