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Hello all   I want to share my experience how to use Python inside ADALM-Pluto.   Python installation: (1) Download Python-2.7.3.tar.gz from rankeney user's message here Add python (or any rpm) on Petalinux - Community Forums (2) Copy Python-2.7.3.tar.gz to ADALM-Pluto to /tmp folder (SCP protocol) (3) Open SSH connection to ADALM-Pluto and… (Show more)
For anyone wondering what the resonant frequency of the antennas that come with the ADALM PLUTO kit is, I did a quick characterization using a spectrum analyzer with a tracking generator and a Mini Circuits ZFDC-10-5-S+ directional coupler.  The measurements were not done under perfect condition, but they will give you an idea of how they perform.… (Show more)
I'm having some trouble transmitting data from my pluto, as far as I can tell it's not being modulated onto the carrier wave but is being sent to hardware. I can get samples from the pluto so wanted to check I was going through the right process.   My program does the following;   Create context from URI Find the physical ad9361 device… (Show more)
I'm wondering if anyone can help me understand some apparent anomalous behavior of the Pluto SDR when used in conjunction with Matlab.  First of all, let me say that my device seems to work just fine, and it is probably just me that doesn't know what I'm doing.  I've been able to run several examples with the SDR that have worked fine, but I'm… (Show more)
Having the built in FPGA,  this would be a great platform for learning some basic stuff about that.   It would be really great if there was a tutorial on how to blink an LED with the FPGA in ADALM-PLUTO.   This would allowsus to learn how to install everything load the new FPGA software and then I guess we could experiment a lot more.
Hello   I'm trying to rebuild PlutoSDR firmware v0.23 from original github without any modifications. Release v0.23 · analogdevicesinc/plutosdr-fw · GitHub I do all as in 'Build Instructions' and I have correct '' as result. Then I perform firmware update with 'pluto.frm' file and it also goes correct.   Problem is:… (Show more)
Hello, the usb give us a max trougthput between 24-21MB between the host and the pluto device for this reason we have a limit capture sampling rate.   but what happens if we capture signal directly in pluto device with the embedded linux?. what max throughput we can achieve?. how we can test it?.   Thanks, regards, j.
Hello I'm using PL reprogram in Pluto SDR v0.21 and v0.22 without any problems: cat ./system_top.bit > /dev/xdevcfg Recently I upgraded to Pluto SDR v0.23 firmware and now I can't reprogram PL part anymore. I got: cat: write error: Connection timed out   For me is important to reprogram Pluto SDR PL part from PS+Linux part. How can I do that… (Show more)
Please look at the file attached; In the file test1.png,the tx freq and the rx freq is same,both are 409MHz,the ant of rx and tx both on the board;In the IIO Info say the DC is 409M,I think this is good as mine espect;But Ins the file test2.png,I have move the tx freq from 409M to 410MHz,and In the IIO Info,the fund (largest signal freq is… (Show more)
I've installed drivers, adalm firmware, hardware support package to use adalm pluto with Matlab and Simulink, but during Hardware Setup at step  which check radio connection and test connection, the test fails.Futthermore, the hardware setup app don't find RadioID and SerialNumber.   how can i solve?
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