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Hello everyone, I had wrote a test program "hello world" that was load on PlutoSDR by tftp. This program can run on ADALM-PLUTO.Now I want to put this program onADALM-PLUTO.Next the system power on,this program can autoload and run.How to do?
I'm having some trouble transmitting data from my pluto, as far as I can tell it's not being modulated onto the carrier wave but is being sent to hardware. I can get samples from the pluto so wanted to check I was going through the right process.   My program does the following;   Create context from URI Find the physical ad9361 device… (Show more)
Running iio_info gives me this.   root@debian:~/prefix/default# iio_info -n | grep device WARNING: Unknown children 'context-attribute' in <context> WARNING: Unknown children 'context-attribute' in <context> WARNING: Unknown children 'context-attribute' in <context> WARNING: Unknown children 'context-attribute' in <context> Unable to… (Show more)
Matlab 2017a is *extremely* new.  The requirement to use the latest and greatest version of Matlab is surprising.  I am sure there are many users who have purchased a version of Matlab even last year.   Was the source for this hardware support package developed by Analog Devices or by Mathworks?  If you need assistance in making the required… (Show more)
I just recently got my Pluto and downloaded the software and hooked it up but when I go to IIO Oscilloscope, it recognizes it on USB or with IP address, but there is no settings, etc, for Pluto. I see FMComms3/4/5 and FMComms2/3/4/5 and DMM, but nothing for Pluto. Also, when I select devices there are 5 suggestions, other than none, but none are… (Show more)
I am trying to get the adalm-pluto to work in gnu but I am having some difficulties. How do I get the blocks for it to appear in gnu? I have followed the available instructions on ADALM-PLUTO for End Users [Analog Devices Wiki]  to install the drivers and upgrading the firmware and I still cannot get anything to appear in gnu or even gqrx.
hi,   when running some of the test and examples available in libiio folder I get this error about the context file but context.c in in the libiio folder.   I was able to run the iio-monitor but not another test and examples programs.   thanks, regards.
ADALM-PLUTO's driver can't be installed. [Device Install Log] OS Version = 6.1.7601 Service Pack = 1.0 Suite = 0x0100 ProductType = 1 Architecture = amd64 [BeginLog] [Boot Session: 2017/09/12 09:16:55.889] >>> [Import Driver Package - c:\program files\analog devices\plutosdr-m2k\pluto-cdc-acm.inf] >>> Section start 2017/09/12 16:59:49.132… (Show more)
Simulink receiver block the "source gain" can operate in 4 modes:   AGC Slow Attack — Use this mode with signals whose power varies slowly over time. AGC Fast Attack — Use this mode with signals with a rapidly changing power level. Dialog — Specify the gain via the Gain (dB) parameter. Input port — Specify the gain in an input port that is… (Show more)
I have "almost successfully" built my own firmware for the ADALM-PLUTO. The remaining issue is that although the iio, serial, http and ip connectivity works well the regenerated firmware produces a valid USD disk interface but it is of size 0 bytes.   This means that I have to use the DFU mode to re-flash a good firmware to try again.   I am… (Show more)
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