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I was searching for an SMU (source measurement unit) like ADALM1k but find the new 2k. I was wondering if the SMU capabilities of the new 2k unit can match or exceed the 1k's.   Regards
Hi   I'm trying to use the gr-iio block for gnu radio from GitHub - analogdevicesinc/gr-iio: IIO blocks for GNU Radio    Post install GNU Radio raises 8 parser errors about the xml files iio_device_sink/source.xml iio_pluto_sink/source.xml iio_fmcomms2_sink/source.xml iio_fmcomms5_sink/source.xml   first error: Line2: Element block content… (Show more)
I plan to use  ADALM1000 to output an orthogonal frequency division multiplex(OFDM) signal which I am generating on MATLAB. Is this feasible on ADALM1000? I know it is used for outputting square waves, sine waves but can it be used for RF signal generation?   Thanks in advance!
Hello,   I and the customer are using Pixelpulse2 on mac and Linux. But voltage does not come out correctly when using Source voltage. Just move slightly, move to 5V or 0V . And Voltage don't move along the blue circle cursor.   Please tell me how to deal with it.   Regards
Got the M1k ADALM 1000 at ASEE for evaluation. I have installed PixelPulse  software and Alice. The Mik is not recognized bin the device manage in PixelPulse. Tried to flash the firmware but could not get BOSSA to work. I have 64 bit win machine running Win 8.  Please help I am evaluating board for use in my college electronics courses. Thanks… (Show more)
Hi   I'm looking for some more info regarding using the Pluto as a remote stand alone radio.   Specifically if support exists for the pluto to interact with basic usb sensors (light, temp etc).   Is there any documentation about which commands can be used in the auto run shell scripts?   Any help appreciated thanks.
I have been reading the "Testing the ADALM-PLUTO" wiki page and I would like more information on how you do the initial SW loading on a blank Pluto using OpenOCD and dfu-utils.   I have access to a Pluto and I have a ADALM-JTAGUART and JTAG-HS3 on order.  I would like to replicate your SW loading procedure on my Pluto.   Thanks, Ken
Hi,   When I plug the ADALM1000 to my Windows 10 64-bit operating system, the system recognizes it as a Bossa Program Port instead of an Analog Device product. I have tried installing the driver using Zagdig USB driver installer and even using tried install Pixelpulse2 application (which was actually a 32 bit program) but none were successful. It… (Show more)
More on Equivalent Time Sampling with the ADALM1000 As was discussed in a previous blog, a new version of the ALICE 1.1 desktop software suite for ADALM1000 (as of 7-5-2017) now includes an option that implements a form of equivalent time sampling or ETS. In this blog I will be going into more details about how this is done and the limitations of… (Show more)
(Q 1) Is it possible to connect ADALM 2000 to any external instrument given that it is a software defined instrument board?  (Q 2) Since it is a Software Environment hence how to tune any Instrument Specific Parameters to see the change in response? Will those features stated above be included in Scopy by someone? What are the in built tunable… (Show more)
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