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I followed the instructions in Building the Firmware Image [Analog Devices Wiki] , and no errors occurred before make. Who knows where the problem is?   (ubuntu 18.04.1, vivado 2016.4)   liupan@liupan:~/plutosdr-fw$ make rm -f rootfs.cpio.gz LICENSE.html zynq-pluto-sdr-revb.dtb zynq-pluto-sdr.dtb zynq-pluto-sdr-revc.dtb zImage rm -rf build/*… (Show more)
I use ADALM PLUTO to send data and USRP to receive data.But I find that each set of data sent is accepted more than once.So why the same data can be received repeatedly when the following command is executed only once? output = stepImpl(s, input); Is there any way to make USRP only receive data once?
My aim is to talk to ADALM-PLUTO via a Micro Controller using the standard Serial commands. I have tested all the commands first by using Putty and then a and everything works fine. The small amount of data I need is fine at 9600 baud. The next stage is confusing me. My microcontroller will send Serial TTL. I have made a test cable and… (Show more)
I'm interested in whether it would be possible to use the ADALM-PLUTO time-of-arrival localization. This requires a very stable clock. I wonder whether it will be possible to feed in an external reference clock? In the revision-B schematics, it looks like there is no connector or jumper to switch from the built-in 40MHz oscillator to an external… (Show more)
TL;DR: You can run GNU Radio on the Pluto's internal Zynq, but you probably don't want to.   My Pluto arrived in the mail Friday, so I spent the weekend having some fun hacking on the software. I know it's not technically a question, but I thought this might be of interest to someone.  This weekend I managed to get an Ubuntu userland to boot on… (Show more)
After install pixelpulse, when connect M1K to computer(with OS WIN7, 64bit), always fail to install drivers, and already try use zadig.exe to install driver, it's not work.
Sorry for posting this here but I've tried contacting Robin Getz regarding the case for the ADALM2000 but there seems to be a problem with email. Robin replied in my other thread to say he's replied to me twice but I've never received those emails and I can't find them in my spam folder or the email server logs. Further attempts at contacting… (Show more)
For anyone wondering what the resonant frequency of the antennas that come with the ADALM PLUTO kit is, I did a quick characterization using a spectrum analyzer with a tracking generator and a Mini Circuits ZFDC-10-5-S+ directional coupler.  The measurements were not done under perfect condition, but they will give you an idea of how they perform.… (Show more)
New Feature in ALICE Adds Input Divider Frequency Compensation In this blog installment we are going to talk about a problematic limitation of the ADALM1000. To keep production costs of the board low, certain trade-offs were made. One was to forego programmable input gain ranges that use resistor dividers and perhaps adjustable frequency… (Show more)
Hello, I have been using the Pluto SDR with MATLAB  (simulink). I want that in one simulation the device will transmit for a few seconds. after than it will stop the transmission and then the device will receive.   My main purpose is to use the device as a receiver and transmitter. place two devices in front of each other at a certain distance… (Show more)
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