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Hello,   I have built a GUI with Matlab which operates the Pluto SDR board - the GUI is  working perfectly. I deployed the GUI into stand-alone application with matlab DeployTool, now the GUI is an exe file and as I am running the exe file I get errors. From the errors, it looks like Pluto SDR could not be found, I have attached a log file with… (Show more)
Hi,     at FOSDEM 2018, Robin Getz told us that it was possible to use the Adalm Pluto SDR standalone, just using a power bank and a thumb drive.  I found somewhere that I had to put a file named on the thumb drive but I have no idea what to put in the file.  It is a shell script, ok, but what command do I use?  Where are they… (Show more)
The device consist of AD9363 and Zync FPGA - both can receive external GPS clock. Can several ADALM-PLUTO SDRs be synchronized with GPS clock?
Hi All,   I have installed exactly the same winusb driver using zadig (version: 6.1.7600.16385) on two computers. But, the PixelPulse 2 and MATLAB are able to detect the device on one computer but not the other. The computer that detects the device ADALM1000 runs windows 7 Enterprise version, where as the computer that doesn't detect the device… (Show more)
 When I click on "Update Firmware", it would say "failed to open firmware file" How to solve this???? 
I'm an ADI employee.  I bought a ADALM1000 for a demo at a high school on Wednesday and I can't get drivers to load.I'm running Windows still. 
Hi! I want to verify the AD9363 Aux DAC1 for PA control. But when I use the ADI IIO Oscilloscope to control the pluto , it seem doesn't work well as the figures show. Can anyone to give some advice about it? Thanks.
Windows device manager shows ADALM1000 with a yellow question mark.  When I double click on it, it states that the device driver is not installed.  If I install the device driver manually using the 32 bit version (x86 version) I still get the same result.  That is the pixelplus2 fails to connect to the ADALM1000 hardware.  Any clues?  Thanks
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