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Hello Everyone,              I would like to use the FPGA of plutot for computing the FFT for my application, so I start by using the projet given on GitHub - analogdevicesinc/hdl with vivado.             I found out that there are a lot of things that are already there. Can someone explain to me what this is, because I see things that normally… (Show more)
I have tried to install Pixelpulse2 (v1.0.2) with bundled drivers, but there was an error with the WinUSB driver. Then I have installed the WinUSB drivers, using Zadig, as previously done here by other people (I am using Windows 7 machine, 64 Bit). Device manager showed, that the driver is properly installed: “ADALM1000 WinUSB driver”. After… (Show more)
Would be interested to know when will the ADALM-PLUTO kits be available for purchase. If anyone is interested to sell his/her kit - please let me know.   Thanks in Advance.
Hello all   I want to share my experience how to use Python inside ADALM-Pluto.   Python installation: (1) Download Python-2.7.3.tar.gz from rankeney user's message here Add python (or any rpm) on Petalinux - Community Forums (2) Copy Python-2.7.3.tar.gz to ADALM-Pluto to /tmp folder (SCP protocol) (3) Open SSH connection to ADALM-Pluto and… (Show more)
Hi. I'm using pixel pulse with the ADALM1000 set up to "source voltage and measure current". I have no load connected but I want to produce a steady DC of about 1.5V, and looking at the output on the DSO I see on a 1.5V square wave. This is also true if I select the sinewave output I see a very erratic sine wave. Is this a settings problem?  … (Show more)
Hi, I have an Ethernet usb adapter like this: but for some reason when I plug this device to the pluto usb througth and OTG cable with an usb power connected to the other usb for powering the pluto the… (Show more)
Hi, One of our users of the ADALM-Pluto is applying it in labs for their communication course. Extending on the possibilities in the lab, they want to change the settings of the receiver quickly. Using GNURadio they encounter 1 sec stall / blank time after doing a change.  I myself checked with SDR# and e.g. a frequency change seems to be… (Show more)
Hi Everyone. I have just landed on the  analogdevicesinc/libsmu page, and I'm trying to download  libsmu-setup-x64.exe for Windows but I keep getting "(HTTP 404 Not Found)" error. Is this an issue with my settings or is there another solution other than using Linux. Cheers
  Hello, I installed Vivado 2016.4 (and SDK),  I can startup vivado without problem, but when I startup sdk, it failed.  Knowing that I added the commande :export SWT_GTK3=0  to  /opt/Xilinx/SDK/2016.4/  That would be verry helpful if someone can help me. Regards
Is there any available material on how to implement an FSK demodulator using ADALM2000 ?
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