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Hi, i have tested the evaluation borad of ADRF6755 with a set up bench so i first power up the board and gave the for differental inputs(I,Q) of adrf6755 with 4 differential  voltages with a dc offset of .5 volt and then i ran the software and got the results but there are serious problem that i can not solve them:FIRST:i soldered to 100 ohm… (Show more)
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Hi all   I recently use HMC703 to drive CHC2442 ( a 24GHz transceiver by UMS ) generating FMCW waves. But there is a strange phenomenon, that at the beginning of a ramp, the tuning voltage (Vtune) outputted by HMC703 always accompany with a glitch (see the photo below). The HMC703 is triggered by an external trigger signal (the yellow wave in the… (Show more)
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Hello! I intend to use ADF4360-0 in my design. According to it's datasheet you recommend to use FOX801BE which connects to ADF4360 Fref port through T-network with 50Ohm resistor to ground. The question is whether it is appropriate solution cause FOX801BE suppose high ohmic loads (10kOhms and more)?
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Hi Everyone,   Kindly share MATLAB code to program HMC830 or HMC832 for variable frequency generation.  Thank you, Pawan
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Hi,   What's the maximum recommended input RF power (dBm) of HMC-SDD112 to maintain linear operation? I'm trying to judge if the switch is suitable on the TX or on the RX side of an E-band system.   Thanks, Christer
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In datasheet, it says we should pull down or D0-D5 when it is in serial mode. But what about digital port in parallel mode? Should we let them float or pull them low. Thanks. 
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We are thinking of using the 35W 0.3-6GHz MMIC in a design, and wish to know if the unit can handle full reflected power into an open or short. Thanks
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