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.Please tell me the impedance of LO input at 10MHz and also the value of the components(C3,C4,C5,L5) required for the  reactive matching at this frequency
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hello ADI engineers, I draw the pcb as the ADL5375 datasheet like following figures, drive the circuit with 5-V source, the working current is about 230 mA, much higher than the given typical value as 194 mA. Is it normal? what's the problem. I used the VSG keysight n5182a generated the 5-Mhz IQ signal with 1 Vpp and 0.5 V offset. Use E4438C… (Show more)
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Could you give me a advice? the measurement and equation is not match Pleas give me a advice?        
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On page 35 of the ADF5355 datasheet there is a mention that "Much faster lock times than those detailed in this data sheet are possible; contact Analog Devices for more information". My application will in the future need to support retunes that are as fast as I can make the system tune. Any information about improving the lock times would be much… (Show more)
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I would like to program the SPI (LE, Data and CLK) for the HMC765LPCE by using FPGA. I would like to achieve the output frequency of the PLL at 7912.5 MHz, is it correct to let R=1, Nint=158, and the Nfrac=2^22? How does HMC765 identify if I would like to program register 03H? This is not explained either in the datasheet or the operating guide.… (Show more)
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Dear Sir,   I am using HMC778 to generate single frequency output at 10.8 GHz. I am using SPI in HMC mode to program the device and the base XTAL frequency to HMC778 is 100 MHz. Can I get the register sequence and value for this configuration ??    Thanks Santanu Kumar Sinha
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I use the EV-ADF5355 evaluation board. After power down the setting is lost. I would like to know if there is any chance to store the synthesizer configuration on board. And maybe have it automatically programmed after power up
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Dear Sirs, since four years we used the ADRF6602 as a down-converter. LO freq. = 1605,425MHz. We never changed the hardware (PCB) and also the software was never changed. The converter worked fine the hole time. Now - arround four years later a problem appears: arround 40% of the used chips can't lock the PLL after init the register. Here are… (Show more)
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We would like to know regarding the evaluation board. We need to insert two RF signals differentially will it be possible. That is RF+ RF- to same mixer
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The attached Hittite Appnote recommends using gold wire for GaAs MMIC wire bonding. Do you have any information/recommendation about bonding such chips with Aluminum wire?   Our bonder suggested using aluminum wedge-wedge bonds for the shortes bond lengths.   Thanks, Patrick
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