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I am using the HMC704 to phase lock a VCO with to an output frequency of 4200MHz. I have enabled the RF divide by two (or I think I have) by setting Reg08[19] = 1. However when I monitor the VCO divider output via the GPO pin and Reg0F[0:4] = 10 I see a signal with a frequeny of about 104MHz. This is two times what I would expect to see. I have… (Show more)
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The Demorad evaluation boards have a Blackfin DSP and Python scripts on the target PC computer.  There may be other software that is not shown in the Technical Overview.  Is the source code for the processing software on the DSP and the other software available with the Evaluation kit?
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I want to purchase RF SOM module ADRV9364-Z7020 from Analog Devices website. Please point me to the correct weblink.
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The AD8370 has a measured gain is 2 dB higher than the calculated gain given in the datasheet. I have 100 ohms differential input to a balun that changes it to 200 ohms differential. The output has a balun that goes from 100 ohms differential to 50 ohms unbalanced.
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Hi all,   How log is the power up interface (PWUP pin) response time @ AD8370 ?   Best regards, sss
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Hello, Our setup has the ADF4355/ADF5355 in integer N mode with divided feedback to produce a freq at 1550MHz.    Ref = 25Mhz  R = 1 (reference doubler and div are disabled) N = 62 D = 4 Frac1=Frac2 = 0   With the above setup we expect to see the output be phase locked to the reference. However we typically see the output at 2 difference… (Show more)
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Hi,   I'd like to know the maximum VSWR the ADL5324 amplifier can withstand without permanent damage.     Thanks a lot.
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we need reliability information for the device ADF5355BCPZ .. Please provide the MTBF and FIT rate for that device .   Thanking you   regards Goutham Sharma
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hi ,morning everyone :       I use AD8314ARMZ-REEL7    ( 1000 pics per box) ,   one  package is with conductive ESD/AntiStastic bag (1000 pics ,Tape and Reel  inside)  .  but another one has  not  this kind of  conductive ESD bag . our  engineer think maybe one is not the correct  product . so anybody can tell me  which one is right ?    … (Show more)
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