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Hi I am working with ADIS16488 and I have some questions about the temperature. the temperarure changes considerably in fitst 20 minutes (I have attached the graph) .is it normal?it results in a change in gyro bias and degrades the accuracy. Is it needed to calibrate the temperature sensor?   Thanks for your response.
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Hi. As I noticed in Digital gyros, The PDD, is the LDO power supply which produce the AVDD and DVDD voltages. Does the PDD, in ADXRS453, is the reference of the voltage level in SPI ? and it should be connected to 3.3v for microcontroller? The problem is I have no data about sensor performance in 3.3v PDD, because the performance table in… (Show more)
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Hi, I'm working in building a basic prototype for an Inertial Navigation System for an university's project, using an ADIS16305 I have available in the laboratory. I have the SPI working, and I'm obtaining readings from the IMU without issues, but I have run into an odd problem when trying to write the offset registers for compensate sensor… (Show more)
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DOCUMENT ADIS16223 Datasheet, Rev. 0 LOCATION Pages 15, 16 (PDF file page numbers, which are different than those at the bottom of each page) DESCRIPTION OF ERRORS With the help of StephanB, we have identified two typos in this datasheet, which both relate to the…
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I want to test ADIS16488BMLZ (it seems the ADIS16488A) on an Ubuntu 16.04 laptop. So the system is:    laptop (USB, Ubuntu 16.04) <--> EVAL-ADIS2Z <---> ADIS16488BMLZ. I use Ubuntu on the laptop as I will use the IMU on an Ubuntu embedded system later.   I install the libiio following the following link: What is libiio? [Analog Devices Wiki]    I… (Show more)
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Hi, I'm using a PIC to work with ADXL372 Accelerometer , using SPI protocol, SPI frequency:4 Mhz. Now i can read correct value in register 0x00~0x03, and i can write to other register. my process: 1. I set ACTIVITY THRESHOLD REGISTER is 0.5g for 3-axis. 2. write 0x17 to register 0X3F(POWER_CTL). 3. I read register 0x04 (STATUS): 0x41 4. Other… (Show more)
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Dear ADIer   1. If you wirte GLOB_CMD, glitch (20us pulse) occurs on DIO1 pin. Is it normal? The controller recognizes it as an interrupt and generates an error. 2. If you write start (GLOB_CMD [11] = 1) by changing to Automatic FFT (REC_CTRL1 [1: 0] = 01), only one pulse from DIO1 and stops. In my thought, If REC_PRD is 0x0000, the FFT should… (Show more)
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My customers are considering ADXL362. They are planning applications that use batteries. They are conceiving not to use LDOs to save cost. For planning, we will guide the data sheet in Figure 48. Can I trust this guideline? Are there many samples used to create Figure 48?   (Data Sheet ADXL362 Rev. E | Page 41 of 43) Best regards
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Hello   Our customer will use ADXL372 at external sync (2000Hz) and internal clock (ODR=3200 Hz setting). Datasheet rev.0 P24  "SYNCHRONIZED DATA SAMPLING" says below.   " The EXT_SYNC is an active high signal. Due to the asynchronous nature of the internal clock and external sync, there may be a one ODR clock cycle difference between… (Show more)
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Hello,   I am trying to confirm CAPUTURING IMPACT EVENTS mode operation, but I could not get a number of peak data in short continous shock event. The FIFO caputure only last one acceleration data(X/Y/Z) per activity , despite I gave shock to ADXL372 more than 2 times before ADXL372 gets inactivity. And the MAXPEAK_x register is overwriten by… (Show more)
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