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Hi I have a question about the ADXL 356, ADXL 354 data sheet. Does the graph on Frequency Response reflect the internal filter, or is it the bare characteristic of the MEMS sensor? I guess this is a naked character. Data Sheet ADXL356/ADXL357 (Rev. 0 | Page 11 of 42) Data Sheet ADXL354/ADXL355 (Rev. 0 | Page 11 of 42) Best regards
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hi everyone, i have found in table 1, the power up time and reset recover time are both 500ms. but there's no figure to present the difference between the two kind of time. anyone can tell me how to config the reset signal after power up ? thanks huang
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We recently purchased the ADIS16448 and the EVAL-ADIS2Z. We are looking to capture data through the Analog Devices IMU Evaluation program, for a period of 12 hours and a sampling rate of 50 Hz. Currently, when the data capture module is run with the sample rate set to 51.2 SPS, with all data capture registers selected except GPIO_CTRL and SEQ_CNT,… (Show more)
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I'm having trouble getting the ADXL372 to wait for a shock in Instant ON mode.   I looked around for example code found the "ADXL Demo Suite", but that seems to be specific to the ADuCM3029 CPU and the ADXL372 evaluation board which does not yet appear to be available.   So I very carefully ported the adxl372_spi_drv.c code to my environment… (Show more)
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I am trying to interface an ADXL372 with Freedom board. I am able to talk to the ADXL372 i.e. able to read Device ID, Part ID etc.Most of the times it works fine. But sometimes, i see that the MISO is held high by certain commands e.g. when i send 0x03 i get the expected result, but after that MISO stays high till any other command is sent. The… (Show more)
in MEMS Inertial Sensors
Hi, I am currently working with ADXL356 accelerometer. My end user application of this sensor is it should detect accoustic noise created during electrical flashover. I tested this sensor by dropping some mass (55gms) on table upto 10 feet distance. It is able to detect that vibrations caused during drop through table surface. I am little bit… (Show more)
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Hello,   I am working with the ADXL372 interfacing via SPI with a Raspberry Pi Model 3 B. We have initialized the power control register to full bandwidth mode and are able to read from all 3 axis. However, all our values seem to be noisy and inconsistent. We have no threshold or offsets enabled. We are able to combine the signed XDATA_H and… (Show more)
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Hi, I have a problem getting SPI communication to work right on the ADXL375z breakout board: Sensor seems to communicate, but only delivers nonsense-values. Examples: - When registers are written at setup, they all show an eqal, wrong value (most of the time 0xE2 or 0x03. Mostly 0x00 after board reset.) - Sensor values show 0x00, with… (Show more)
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Hi, I'm using a PIC to work with ADXL372 Accelerometer , using SPI protocol, SPI frequency:4 Mhz. Now i can read correct value in register 0x00~0x03, and i can write to other register. my process: 1. I set ACTIVITY THRESHOLD REGISTER is 0.5g for 3-axis. 2. write 0x17 to register 0X3F(POWER_CTL). 3. I read register 0x04 (STATUS): 0x41 4. Other… (Show more)
in MEMS Inertial Sensors
Hello ,I am using 3-axis +/-3G ADXL335 Analog accelerometer to determine pitch and tilt sensing with 1degree Precision. I have tested it on the small tractor it works fine when the engine is off but as soon as the engine starts the accelerometer shows false readings. I am new to this field so what steps can you suggest to overcome this. currently… (Show more)
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