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I know that some years ago ADI released CCES which, as far as I know, is the "active" IDE for Blackifin, SHARC and ARM processors. I'm almost sure that VisualDSP++ is not recommened anymore for new projects, it doesn't support new devices and maybe new tools (emulators, ...). But I use it to actively maintain and develop products which use VDK… (Show more)
// ------------------------- SDRAM ------------------------------------------- // 0x00200000 to 0x009FFFFF Normal word (32) Space (32MB RAM) as found on the // ADSP-21489 Ez-Board. // // Notes: // 1) For Code accesses, which are only supported in Bank 0 of External // port, address range is: // - For VISA code (i.e 16bit accesses) :… (Show more)
Hi all   One of my customers wants to update their VDSP license. He has a license code, but he has not been able to update because the update server is terminating. How can update VDSP license?   Thank you.
Hi! I noticed that the memset function is twice as slow as a manual setting. I'm suspecting it is not the real build in function that is used but some modified one... is that explained somewhere? The documentation doesn't give details about this... Regards.
I have installed Visual DSP ++ 5.1.2 on my system. I am unable to start working as I don't have the serial number of Test Drive Licence which is for 90 day trials. Please guide me on how to get the serial number.
I started with shell_browser example to write a file on the SD card using BF548 and DEV-BF548-Lite board but I have this error 0x000B000A - invalid path specified for file/directory , my code is attached can anybody give me the solution for this problem?   PrasanthR    Thanks,
Hi there, I have a project that I inherited that uses VisualDSP++ 5.0. It runs on a BF561. I get a compiler warning/remark that one of my global variables is modified in an interrupt routine so I might want to make it volatile. However, when I make it volatile, I get an error for call to memset() with that variable. Any idea why that is or what I… (Show more)
Question:   I try VDSP++ v5.0 and v5.1.2 and both versions doesnt show file extension into editor tabs. If i open several files like: driver.c, driver.h, hal.c, hal.h and similar i didnt see file extension in tabs. How to fix this and see full file names? ================================   Answer:   Disable/Uncheck the option through control…
Answer:   Unfortunately the ICE-1000 does not support BTC. It can be used with the HPUSB-ICE & ICE-2000 and only conjunction with VisualDSP++. So you need to use ICE-2000/ HPUSB-ICE emulator to test BTC.
The VisualDSP++ output loader files as .ldr files. These files can be formatted as Intel Hex, Binary and ASCII, S-record but they are always .ldr files. They do not output loader files as .bin files.
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