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Hello, every one! I run the UART test of “Power-On-Self-Test” example in the “visual dsp ++” installation directory on the board similar with EVAL-21489-EZLITE board through the AD-HP530ICE emulator. It failed. The test program related with UART is listed below.   /******************************************************************* *  … (Show more)
When i build the  "Power-On Self-Test (POST)" project of the visual dsp ++ 5.1.2 example on the ADSP-21489 EZ-Board,it occurs the below errors:    ----------------Configuration: 21489_ezboard_post - Debug---------------- .\analog_audio_test.c ".\analog_audio_test.c", line 733: cc0020: error: identifier "pDebugFile" is undefined DEBUG_HEADER(… (Show more)
Question:   I installed a Visual DSP++ 5.1.2 at my PC. When I open the Visual DSP++ Environment, it show the runtime error as attached. Why this happen and how to fix it? My PC has OS of Window 7         ===================================   Answer:   We have seen cases in the past where some limitations on the User account - due to User…
Question:   I am using Blacfin DSP and Visula DSP++. I want to find out how much memory is used? and how much left ?     Is there anyway to locate a global variable's address in Visual DSP ++ environment ?     ====================================   Answer:   You can use the Linker Map File, generated by enabling the option "Project Options:…
Hi,   We are facing the below error on connecting the ADZS USB -ICE Emulator to  ADSPTS101.  "An EMUIR scan was attempted but the DSP is not ready to accept instruction via JTAG" We have checked LCLK, SCLK, Core Voltage , IO Voltage and Reset , all are proper. Device BMS pin is made High What is the reason for the above error? Is this is the… (Show more)
I have installed Visual DSP 5.1.2 Windows 7, but I cannot get the device driver to install for my ICE-2000 emulator. When I connect the emulator to my USB port, it shows up in Device Manager under "Other Devices" as "Blackfin USB Device". When I try to update its driver by browsing to "C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\ANALOG DEVICES\VISUALDSP… (Show more)
Could ADI share a working example to connect BF527 to AWS IoT? I think that a porting of AWS IoT Device SDK to BF527 running VDK is enough. And I'm sure a lot of customers will benefit of this example.   When should I expect for the relase of this example?   Thanks
Question:   I purchased an ADSP-21369 EZ-KIT Lite which i tried to install and it says it is only registered for 10 days.    ==============================   Answer:   We understand that you have not registered and validated your license yet. If so, you must register and validate your license   Can you please register the license serial…
I have VDSP5.1.2. I had a previous ICE-1000 abd it worked correctly. That one got lost. With my new one when I connect it to USB it blinks the LED green for a 1/2 second and then it goes out. When I cjhecked the driver in Device Manager it reports the above error. I tried updating the driver, but it failed for the same reason. I am using AD… (Show more)
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