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Hi,  Has anyone had any luck opening a project group with scripting? I can open a project no problem using the Idde.ProjectList.AddProject() function but if I try using the Idde.ProjectList.Open() to open a project group, VisualDSP just closes.   This works at opening up a project: Idde.ProjectList.AddProject(… (Show more)
Hello. We are going to test the ADSP-21060 processors. For this, a test firmware is developed which must be loaded into the internal memory of the processor without using VisualDSP. Also we can not use EEPROM on the test card. Tell me how you can solve this problem. Thank you in advance.
Question:   How to use the function of the image processing toolbox with Visual DSP++?     Answer:   There are many examples to integrate image processing toolbox with Visual DSP++ for blackfin processor BF561. Please download the free production version of the Blackfin Image Toolbox from the below link:…
I am working on legacy Blackfin processor based product that requires VisualDSP++ 5.0 Update 8. Where can I download this version of the tool?   Thanks Yohannes
hello,do you know the license about Renesas and Visual DSP++ ? their license agreement description their content are owned by Renesas. according to liense agreement has one statment any authorized copies that you make are the intellectual property of and are owned by Renesas. and I find many tool and sample, they have the same agreement. even… (Show more)
is there any possibility to get the announced VDSP6.0 beta Setup. i really Need the possibility to get codeCoverage via VDSP and this feature was proposed for this Version.   Kind & best regards chris
Question:   How to generate a makefile from a VisualDSP++ project?   Answer:   There is no command line switch to generate a makefile from a VisualDSP++ project. However, there are ways this can be achieved through the VisualDSP++ Automation Interface.  The makefile generation is done through the ADspProject object's "ExportToMakefile" method,…
  Imagine you downloaded Visual DSP++ 3.5 and got the trial license installed. You are hoping to get your 10 year old DSP Easy Kit Lite or now defunct TAPR DSPx running again, because you became nostalgic/melancholic a long time ago about the way ADI does things in a very unique and logical way. Plus you don't need the myriad of peripherals that… (Show more)
UPDATE :      I change the title to get more accurate with my problem so any1 could find it.             Finaly, it looks like i'm in need to make a custom monitor for onboard flash, so i can fully use the VisualDSP software ver 3.0           Please have a look at the latests treads !   Old posts below : Hi !   I have a software problem for… (Show more)
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