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I have as a last resort a hard reset in my release code that I don't want to run while connected to the ICE during debug.    ifndef(DEBUG)  abort(); #else   /* DSP HARD RESET  */   Is there a way to have the RELEASE/DEBUG compile option recognized?
BF-561 running under ICE-2000 and VDSP++ 5.1.2.   My program uses L1_Code, L1_Cache (as code), L2 and Ext memories. When I change the size of a routine residing in L1_Code or L1_Cache (commenting in/out a few unused lines), code placement in L2 and Ext memories appear unchanged, but routines are shuffled between L1_Code and L1_Cache.… (Show more)
Hi Everybody   Iam using ADSP BF 548 Processor,iam using VDK application, i created two threads,but only one thread is running!!!!! please find the below atached Sample code which i am using?Where do we find main() function in the project when using VDK appplication?Suggest any simple code on how to understand VDK application, post if Available.… (Show more)
Hi ! I have a VDSP(5.1.2) installation on my desktop with Win7 , and in addition a VDSP installation on my laptop(formerly WIN7) I have updated my laptop from win7 -> to win10. No the VDSP unstallation(flexible license manager) report the following error on start ERROR: invalid host the hosted of this system does not match the hosted… (Show more)
Hi all,   I'm working on a BF537 VDK application that uses interrupts. I've been reading through the "VisualDSP++ 5.0 Kernel (VDK) User’s Guide" and the "ADSP-BF537 Blackfin Processor Hardware Reference" trying to understand the best way to configure and control interrupts.    Is there a difference or preference between using… (Show more)
I purchased an ADSP-21369 EZ-KIT Lite, which came with version 4.5 software which i tried to install and it says it is only registered for 10 days.  I thought it was 90 days and is it possible to install the most upto date software using the serial number given.
Hi, I recently received my ADSP-21489 EZ-Kit (EVAL-21489-EZLITE Evaluation Board | Analog Devices) and have been trying to run the example programs included with Visual DSP++. I have successfully installed Visual DSP++ and entered the license included with the EZ-Kit, I then succeed in making a session, however when I try to activate the session… (Show more)
Hi.  I have acquired an ADSP-21469 EZ-Kit lite.  I downloaded Visual DSP++ 5.1.2 with a test flight license key.  It appears only emulator and simulator options are available.  Please advise on how to register for an evaluation license key.
I am using Visual DSP++ version 5.0 with Update 10.1.   I am compiling programs for the ADSP-21489, and I am running into a problem with the compiler.   As I am adding features to my program, it is growing in size. At a certain point, the compiler gave the following message:     ----------------Configuration: TestCode - Release----------------… (Show more)
In order to more closely match a Matlab implementation, much of our low-frequency work is done in floats.  However, the conversion of floating point numbers to fract32s is emerging as a problem.   The default rounding done when converting from float (single) to fract32 appears to be of the type "_float32_to_int32_round_to_zero".  As I understand… (Show more)
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