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Hello all,   Another question for you .. If anyone can help at all!   I  have been driven mad recently by attempting to get the ADC functioning on the ADAU1701, for a potentiometer controlled volume.   Setup: Sure electronics ADAU1701 board, 50K potentiometer, 9v board supply.     I initially connected the pot up to MP2 (centre) with GND and 3.3V.… (Show more)
I am working on a linux driver to interface with a ADAU1451 that is running a program developed in sigma studio.  I have exported the header files and am able to interact with the device over spi but I find the SigmaStudioFW.h quite lacking.  The generated files have SIGMASTUDIOTYPE_8_24  as the type for most parameters but it is not listed in the… (Show more)
Hello I have a question about ADAU1452 data sheet description. I found the following description on ADAU1452 data sheet at 23page. That describes available algorithms in the provided libraries include the following. • FFT and frequency domain processing algorithms   Although, I cannot found any FFT library in the lates SigmaStudio. If there… (Show more)
I had a '1372 configured as 96K throughout and found the dB/Hz response plot as expected (effective low pass @ around 22K) but when I configure as 96K sampling and 48K I2S bus the response plot seems to have a low pass @ around 10K - this is sort of an aside to my question title but it was while looking for anything I could change to push that… (Show more)
My goal is low frequency output enhanced as low as 8Hz (or lower, as a rotary woofer is in discussion.) Common audio does not include tones this low - usually bottoming out around 32Hz - so to reinforce sound with infrasound these tones must be synthesized from the existing subwoofer range in the audio stream. As I understand from other posts the… (Show more)
Is the crossover block fixed at 20k? im running at 96KHz so have enough sample rate for 48KHz but when measuring the speaker system the tweeter is rolling off.   The red line is the passive crossover and the blue line is through the crossover block on the DSP   Is there anyway to extend the response of the crossover block?
This part seems to be delayed, along with others in it's family?   Website still says release is July 2017...   -Gary
Hi,   I'm just playing around using the Sigma Studio V3.15 Beta 2 and a ADAU1466 chip. I'm using some delays in my design but the compiler issues an error message if I try to use more than 32K per data memory.   The compiler_output.log says ##### Summary ##### DM0 RAM used:       32016    (of 40960) DM1 RAM used:       29741    (of 40960) PM … (Show more)
Hi,   Please let me confirm memory size of the ADAU1462.   On the ADI web page and data sheet ( rev.A ), we can find below. Is it correct values ?      Page 3 Table1. Product Selection Table   ADAU1462 Data memory 48(KWords) Prgram Memory 16(Kwords)   But on… (Show more)
Does the latest generation of DSP cores accept a DSD signal? im working on an active speaker and the source is a streaming module which has DSD outputs as well as I2S. I know the DACs i olson to use will work with DSD but im a little confused as to signal routing in the DSP core
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