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Hi folks and analog devices employees,   I recently was recommended(See this topic) SigmaDSP processors ADAU145x and ADAU146x for an specific application which requires SPI communication with a host Microcontroller. Specifically, I do need to send a signal (X1 in the schematic below), to a Host Microcontroller for further processing:     I've… (Show more)
Hi folks and analog devices employees,   I recently was recommended (See this topic) SigmaDSP processors ADAU145x and ADAU146x for an specific application which requires frequency domain analysis.   Now, I'm considering purchasing the EVAL-ADAU1466 Evaluation Kit, but first I do require further documentation about FFT and Analysis Window blocks… (Show more)
Good day!   Where I can find correct formulas for calculating coefficients for peaking filters, using in parametric EQs for ADAU1451 DSP.   I found that page General Filters [Analog Devices Wiki] , but only parametric there is. I try to use this formula (I use EXEL and Sigma Studio for compare), and the results are near at positive value of… (Show more)
Hello,   I got some trouble with the ADAU1452 and a rotary encoder. It's not working either on my own design or the demo board.   I tried it with a really simply small demo program which you can find attached to this post.   Rotary encoder is a regular one from alps. I already used this encoder with ADAU1701 without any problems. The hardware… (Show more)
I'm quite new to AD DSP and have recently acquired a 1701 evaluation board and a 1466 Evaluation board. I'm trying to use the Fractual Voltage Controlled Multi Tap Delay, but I can't get my head around the control input (samples, percentage?) and  the data format to be used? I can't find anythig in the documentation. I'm using the SIGMA Studio… (Show more)
I recently purchased EVAL-ADAU1452MINIZ, and am using sigmastudio 3.15. I somehow couldn't find the noise removal signal block for ADAU1452. Is there anyway I can get the noise removal block in sigmastudio? Thanks in advance.
I need to format I/Q data from the ADAU-1452 as two 16-bit serial inputs to the AD9957 QDUC operating in "Blackfin Interface (BFI)" mode. The I and Q bits from the ADAU-1452 need to arrive at the AD9957 input on the same serial clock edge. Can someone guide me as to how I should configure the output port(s) on the ADAU-1452 in Sigma Studio?
Hi folks and analog devices administrators,   I'm new to digital signal processors and I'm trying to evaluate SigmaDSPs for multi-channel beamforming and frequency-domain analysis as described: - 8ch @11025Hz I2S TDM Input - Beamforming - Direction Of Arrival Algorithms - Real FFT (Size: 1024) - SPI communication with Host Microcontroller… (Show more)
Hi,  i read on some other post, there is a ported version of waves plugins for sigastudio. I just wondering, how can i know with what DSPs are supported? I'm planning to use the ADAU1467, is it possible or it only works, for example, with sharcs?   Many thanks, greetings Francesco
Hi at all,   in my application the ADAU 1701 is working as a slave with a uC. The first prototype worked properly for some days at my desk. Then some connection problems started. I had to reconnect many times until the DSP worked again. Now he is completely dead. When I looked at the I2C bus I noticed the following:   No debugger conected: SDA,… (Show more)
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