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When i pass an audio signal through the envelope blocks (both endless loop than reset) i hear clicks. I suspect these blocks don't have slew rate, i tried to search between parameter list too but nothing such as a slew rate parameter to update appears. Can you confirm? If so, is there any update on these blocks in next release?   O.T. When is… (Show more)
Hello all,   I'm trying to work with the external SPI delay for the ADAU1452 sigma studio. I used the 1Mbit 23LC1024 and everything is working as expected. To increase the delay I tried to find something with some more space and picked the MRH25H40CDF - it's a MRAM and perhaps not the ideal thing to use but it was the only one with more… (Show more)
Heiio,   I have been able to control the ADAU1761 through the MCU, including  various functions in DSP. Now I want to control ADAU1761 in Linux, especially modules in DSP. For example, I have used the notch filter in DSP, and now I want to change the notch frequency in Linux. What should I do?   I have exported .xml file, created the binary… (Show more)
Hi, we are planning a new product using an ADAU1452 sigmaDSP, which will have an external microcontroller connected via SPI to update the control parameters. I would also like the option of connecting an ADUSBEBZ interface (as supplied with most of the evaluation boards) to it so that I can use SigmaStudio to load and debug the sigmaDSP in real… (Show more)
Is it possible to use I2S in and out to bypass the codec limitation restricting ADAU1452 eval board limiting audio 48Khz ?
Hi,   I would like to implement the key change function for a karaoke machine using ADAU1451.   I tried the ADI pitch transposer algorithm for the key change function.   First, I don't know how to set the parameters  'Delay Reserved', 'Frequency Shift Slider', and 'Max Shift' to achieve +/-4 semitones pitch change. The information in the wiki… (Show more)
Dear Sir,   Our customer met an issue, their product(speaker) using ADAU1451 had finished development stage and MP for a while, but their end customer returned the failures set to them (2 sets in this Feb, 3 sets in May of end, total 5 failures sets) from end user.   RD checked the root cause, found due to ADAU1451 DVDD pin can't get the 1.2V… (Show more)
Hi, I'm trying to use the built-in leds MP6 / MP7 to display the active flag of a limiter. In Register Window / multipurpose tab, I can set up the MP6 mode as output and the led's bright but continuously... How should I do to see this led on when limiter is active? Many thanks in advance. Best regards. Chris
I am using the ADAU1401AEBZ and would like to duty cycle the output. I'd like to be able to vary both the on and off times for varying lengths. Is there a SigmaStudio function for this? Any help would be appreciated.
We’re currently using the Cirrus CS48LV12 (DSP) and CS42L73 (Codec). It appears that Cirrus isn’t interested in supporting the DSP/echo cancellation code, so I’m looking for an alternative. One option would be to purchase the code and run it on the NXP K65 that’s in the design, but we’re short on MIPs, so I either need to find a higher performance… (Show more)
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