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Dear Team, Initially pop-up noise is observed at ADAU1962A DAC output after enabling Master Power-Up bit of  PLL_CLK_CTRL0 register. Please find the attachment for ADAU1962A configuration code. Could you please share the your feedback on this issue.   Hardware: ADSP-SC589 EZKit Tools: CCES 2.7.0
hello when i want to open the CCES. i find this problem *an error has occurred see log file* 
Hello Team,   I need configure a slide switch in ADAU1452. It need to perform three operation using slide.   The operation's are, 1. Mic Output 2. Transducer output 3. Both.   If I slide only mic output should work, similarly if I slide once again transducer output should work, If I slide once again both should work.   Thanks in advance.  … (Show more)
Hello all, I have a question on the table below.     Here in this table, the IOVDD VIH (min) and VIL(max) are totally same value(1.71V). In my experience, there always be some uncertain level between VIH min and VIL max. I just want to ask you the characteristic on the table is really correct and how it occurs.   Best Regards, Yuta M
ADAU1702   1> How to let internal DAC output the desired DC voltage from I2C :For example, how to output 1V, or 2V DC, What modules do we need and what kind of values do we need to fill in to output 2v ?       2>In addition, we want to drive a UV pointer with DC output to indecate current RMS In Log lookup table, what range of data do we need… (Show more)
Hello everyone, I'm a little confused with some of the ADAU1978 settings: 1) what is the MCLK frequency range? The timing specification offers only the table with specific MCLK values that can be used. But how much the MCLK frequency can vary between these values? 2) there's a field in register SAI_CTRL0 named FS which sets sampling rate. But… (Show more)
I would like to use the Auto Export System Files during Link-Compile.   As the project is opened by several colleges with individual PC configuration, the Sigma Studio File does not always reside in the same absolut path when exporting the files (also caused by the use of a SVN and individally selectec paths for the working copy).   To me it… (Show more)
I would like to use the developed DSP configuration for a new product. To do so it would be nice to name the files according to the new project.   The *.dspproj can be renamed easily, but the directory for the output (compiler_output.log, DMem0.dat, Program.bin,...) does not change accordingly. The default export file name does not change… (Show more)
Hello,   I'm using an STM32F103 acting as mass storage flash and a FatFS file system on board which allows me to take a hex file so I can upload this to a ADAU1761. Looking at the output from the SigmaStudio I see that when I use Graphic EQ eight order shelving I get what seems to be 20 parameters per band. The filter is described as a… (Show more)
Hi Everyone,   Am using ADAU1452, I need to control volume,frequency, Pitch using push buttons. I didn't find any free gipo's in my schematics. How can we control 7 push buttons using one GPIO.   I have seen related thing i.e, controlling using resistor ladder network. Is it possible to control like that via Sigmastudio. Link: arduino -… (Show more)
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