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<div></div> 852/5000 Hello. We have a project that uses the ADAU1452. The board does not have a microcontroller - the audio circuit will be controlled by ADAU1452 depending on the changes on the buttons (connected as digital inputs to ADAU1452). There is one feature of the device's operation - the power of the device can be… (Show more)
Hi there,   SigmaStudio 4.1, RealTimeVariant for ADAU1462 still doesn't work. VariantEditor window doesn't opening. For ADAU1452 all is OK.   Best regards, Konstantin Morozov
Hey All,   I was trying to configure an ADAU1701 connected to a raspberry pi (over an i2c bus, running Raspbian) using SigmaTcp. Unfortunately, I was unable to do that in the first attempt. I analyzed the TCPIP packages sent by SigmaStudio using wireshark and I noticed that the header was different from the one that SigmaTcp was waiting. Sigma… (Show more)
I am using the ADAU1452 processor and have implemented our dsp to be controlled via a Linux coprocessor.  While all of this is working well the code export seems to be lacking.  I am looking for the parameter addresses to read back things such as input, output, and compression levels displayed on a std rms compressor block and other level types in… (Show more)
would ne nice if you could provide a protocol over tcip/ip for the spi communication.   this way the DSP and the pc/laptop does not need to be connected over USB   i would prefer to drive the ADAU1467  via a raspberry pi (just an example)
Hi   My customer is trying to initiate an i2c read from adau1701. Addr0==Addr1=0 => Write addr = 0x68, Read addr = 0x69. Sequence looks like he indeed sends 0x69, however adaqu1701 doesn't send an ack (pulls SDA low on 9th clock) Attached are read sequence & schematics.   Similar write sequence (sending 0x68)  produces the required ack.  … (Show more)
Hi , I am new to working with TDM8.   I have adau144x hooked up to SAI port on stm32f7 chip.   The DSP is working in pulse mode in TDM8 24bit mode.   So I calculate there should be 32 fs clocks per slot x 8 slots = 256 fs clocks for the whole frame between pulses.   It appears that I have 16bits of audio in the middle of the slots with 8 bits… (Show more)
Good evening Dave, sorry if I go out if topic but I need urgent information   I have read, but I do not remember where Analog at the beginning of 2018 would have commercialized a new DSP similar to ADAU1701 then with DAC and ADC present in the chip, many ports of IN / OUT and with the possibility to play even audio files. Does anyone have any… (Show more)
Dear support member   Can Indirect parameter module avoid pop and click noize like a sofoware safeload registers? If no, could you tell me how to avoid them when we use Indirect parameter module, please?   Best regards, Yabune
Customer is currently running a couple of amps, each running sigma 300’s on an A2B network and has to switch between signal flows/amps quite frequently during tuning.  attached is a simplified project showing the issue.    I’m experiencing an issue where every time that I Link-Compile-Download to one of the amps/Sigma Studio schematics, the… (Show more)
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