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This part seems to be delayed, along with others in it's family?   Website still says release is July 2017...   -Gary
I've setup the eval board, added a white noise source and a single level detector monitor.   Turning both on show no signal level on the level detector.  BTW, the white noise source switch indicator bar is always red - whether toggled up or down.   Is the core not running?  Are there register settings that need to be set?   Thank you. TomC
Hi All,   I'm using SDATA_OUT3, SDATA_OUT1, SDATA_OUT0 to send data to Amplifier chips. The Amplifier chips only support I2S, so I cannot use TDM to reduce SDATA_OUT pin count. SDATA_OUT2 is used for transferring data to a streaming module. So I need to add a extra SDATA_OUT pin that syncs with OUT 3/1/0. Is there a way I can output a fifth… (Show more)
Hello I got the Sure Adau1701 Board and want to do an external Volume control over an 10k Linear Potentiometer. I use the litte dsp for my mobile Boomboxes. In my earlier versions i use the miniDSP. This works fine. But now i have the problem, that the potentiometer have no functionality to the dsp. I have no idea why it don't work. So i do an… (Show more)
Hi all,   I have been experimenting with SigmaStudio and ADAU1701 to good results so far. One Algorithm that seems to be elusive though is the "ADI Superbass" - which is a shame as it is the most relevant to my application.   Here is a list of the problems I have found so far:   1. Does different things depending on sampling rate. Completely… (Show more)
Hi. We're a speaker company and have a new power amplifier application that's using ADAU1446 DSP with AD1939 CODEC. The amp has 4 x analogue inputs, 4 x Class D power amplifier outputs and 2 x line level outputs. We've just reached pre-production phase and have started using Sigma Studio to work out some signal routing and EQ profiles to use… (Show more)
Hello,   I am working on a custom board with ADAU1452. The ADAU1452 should run in selfboot mode. Therefore, I attached a 25AA1024 SPI EEPROM coping the schematic from the evaluation board. An USBi connects to the ADAU1452 via I2C on the slave port. Communication with SigmaStudio works. I can download a program and can verify that the DSP… (Show more)
Hello,   i get this warning once i do the link-compile-connect or link-compile-download:   warning (27,ExtDelay1): Preprocessor macro re-definition of 'PIN_DRIVE_MAX_SPEED_NO_PULL'with different value (3922,0)   The application uses Voltage Controlled SPI Delay with 23LC1024 RAM and Master Control Port SPI Interface through 25AA1024 EEPROM… (Show more)
Hello,   i'm testing Master Control Port Interface Read and Write through SPI with GPIO triggering. I'm trying to write a simple value then read it back at boot time but this seems not to work.   I opened months ago a bug report about Master Control Port Interface (perhaps i can't find it anymore in my messages history) and as said it should… (Show more)
I have a problem on Sigma Studio system. I built a large project which has many delay units  and multi-channel mixer units in it, and after several save and load processes, I found the problem that several settings on the delay and mixer value were modified unknowingly.  Does someone have the same problem?  regards
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