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Hello,    I'm on a simple project, based on the ADAU 1701. Trying to use the Automatic EQ tab, I have a problem when I "Link Compile Connect". I get this message :    Comipler Error, Please contact ADI.  System.SystemException: Check syntax : See Error.dat at Sigma100_Comp.AssemblyProcess100.Decode(Hashtable ErrorAndProc) at… (Show more)
Hello Everyone,   I'm using ADAU1452 Audio DSP Processor. We need to convert a husky voice to general voice. How can we convert a husky voice to either male or female general voice in ADAU1452. Please help.   Thanks and Regards Sri
I am referring the latest ADAU1462/1466 data sheet Rev.C. Please let me confirm below. If there are document anomalies, could you modify them in future?   1. Digital Input voltage, no noise margin Is following specification correct? Page 7 Table 4. DIGITAL INPUT / Input Voltage High Level (VIH) Min. 1.71V Low Leve (VIL) Max.1.71V On the… (Show more)
Hi,   Please let me confirm memory size of the ADAU1462.   On the ADI web page and data sheet ( rev.A ), we can find below. Is it correct values ?      Page 3 Table1. Product Selection Table   ADAU1462 Data memory 48(KWords) Prgram Memory 16(Kwords)   But on… (Show more)
Hi all   One of the customers is developing the product by applying ADAU1452 to the product. There are inquiries about Bessel filters in the filter.   If measure another manufacturer's equipment in the Bessel filter and simulate it with MATLAB, the signal will decrease -3 dB in cutoff frequency as shown below.   However, when we simulate with… (Show more)
I recently purchased EVAL-ADAU1452MINIZ, and am using sigmastudio 3.15. I somehow couldn't find the noise removal signal block for ADAU1452. Is there anyway I can get the noise removal block in sigmastudio? Thanks in advance.
Hello, if I move my encoder knob connected to up/dw counter provided with read/write interface, the WB and WP pins don't reflect any signal. So I think that nothing is witten in the eeprom. Using my standalone board (same schematic as FREEDSP board). As pin WP can be moved by the 1701, I thought it should write the data by any change in interface… (Show more)
Hi everybody, my first problem that i would like to discuss in the engineerZone is the following: -ADAU177 devBoard successfully connected under Windows10, -input straight to output works. -Likewise, it works to include any number of 2nd-order filters in the signal path. -> But if I put a parametric EQ into the signal path and add more than… (Show more)
I've found no way to limit the up/dw index upper value. The LUT that follows will limit but the counter continue to go up. If you turn the encoder clockwise, over the accepted value, you need to turn back much more steps than required. There's some way to stop, say to 25 the count?     Thanks in advance, Charlie.
I am working on a linux driver to interface with a ADAU1451 that is running a program developed in sigma studio.  I have exported the header files and am able to interact with the device over spi but I find the SigmaStudioFW.h quite lacking.  The generated files have SIGMASTUDIOTYPE_8_24  as the type for most parameters but it is not listed in the… (Show more)
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