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Please help. I would like to cause an interruption from a falling slope. The signal is connected to the DPI_P04 line. How to do it ?  Please, show a small example.   Regards Grzegorz Kania
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Hi all,   I am trying to connect an SDRAM (same as on the 21489 EZ-Kit) to an 21489 on a custom board. Thought, it would be a good idea to use the Expert Code Generator for this. Unfortunately, the max speed grade there is 400 MHz where the 21489 is able to run at 450. Will there be an update for this?   I am able to modify the values myself,… (Show more)
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Hello, after RESET processor reads M25P16 flash memory over SPI, but without initial 'read' command ($03) on MOSI line. What could be causing this error ? I am sure, that this must be HW error, but have already checked, many times, schematic of my board and ADSP-21489 signals using osciloscope without effect.   Regards Roman
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I found the linker memory map in the Debug area under CCES, but then I did a clean build and the file disappeared and I can't figure out how to create it!  Help!
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Hello, I searched this forum and studied various code samples but got stuck here. I already successfully implemented I2C handling on SC589 and I am trying to port it to the EZ board 21489 now. I renamed the registers and bit masks and added the SRU lines. In I2C bus level the DSP seems to respond to the correct address. I can write 2 bytes to… (Show more)
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Hello Guys,   I'm pretty new to DSP programming and need a little help getting started with my project.   I have a ADSP-21469 ez-kit lite and want to change variables within the code during runtime via I2C/TWI. I therefore want to use an rfduino, a small arduino like microcontroller with bluetooth function.      A first step would be to control… (Show more)
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Hi there.   Can somebody tell me why the following code takes 33 cycles instead of the expected 18 cycles?   "LCNTR = 3, DO (PC, 6) UNTIL LCE;\n\t" " F12 = F3 * F4, F11 = F11 + F12, F3 = DM(I0, M0), F4 = PM(I8, M8);\n\t" " F12 = F3 * F4, F11 = F11 + F12, F3 = DM(I0, M1), F4 = PM(I8, M8);\n\t" " F12 = F3 * F4, F11 = F11 + F12, F3 = DM(I2, M2),… (Show more)
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On the ADZS-SC589-EZLITE board, can code be run directly on the Core1 or Core2 SHARC DSP cores without anything running on the Core0 ARM cortex processor?   I loaded the example code included with the CrossCore Embedded Studio titled "GPIO Button LED Polled (SC589 SHARC)" and it ran successfully with the button press triggering the LED when I… (Show more)
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Hi, when comparing the ADSP-21489 Ez-Kit Schematic to the pinout provided for the 176-Lead LQFP_EP Package ADSP-21489 in page 61 of the datasheet, I notice there is a discrepancy in how pins 137, 139, 142, 140, and 145 are labled.    In the Ez-Kit Schematic they are marked as NC, and are connected to flags relating to MLB. There is an optional… (Show more)
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Hello Engineers,      I modify the routines provided (see attachment).My purpose is to obtain sinusoidal signals collected. I use  the ADSP21369 Ezkit(When debugging the Block-based Talkthrough program in the ADSP21369 Ezkit Demo ). The ADC (LEFT and RIGHT) connection signal generator——Frequency is 40Hz and Amplifier is 100mv and offset is 0.… (Show more)
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