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I want to know if a there is a current Link port DMA transfer (or a series of chained transfers) pending before a start a new DMA transfer.     Do I poll the DMACH_IRPT, the EXTTXFR_DONE, or the LPBS?   After I have started a Link port DMA transfer, what do I poll to know that the transfer is complete?   On previous SHARCs I would do the… (Show more)
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Ladies Gentlemen,   Please let me ask: One of ADZS-SC589-EZLITE features is 4Gb DDR3 Memory. Stands Gb for gigabyte or for gigabit?   With regards and friendship Georges Theodosiou
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hi,     I run the program about block based talk through example adsp21369. I have two questions.First,I build the project and click the run, the program is running.At this time, I can hear the music played.But when I press to Halt, the music is still playing. WHY?  Second,how to modfy block_A/B/C,thus we can get the modified output signal.… (Show more)
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Guys, I am working on designing of a test board which involves both FPGA(Xilinx- Kintex 7) and DSP(Tiger Sharc) based signal processing. Now the end user wants to access the DSP processor programming options/ boot configuration through the host PC itself. As I went through the datasheets of these devices I got the idea that I'll have to use PPLP… (Show more)
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I have been chasing down an intermittent problem (Host comms via SPI stops working) with our 21469 framework. It seems to be related to interrupts, but post-mortem debugging has not proved very fruitful so far.    What I did discover is that the illegal condition interrupt was disabled, but an illegal condition was being latched. After enabling… (Show more)
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Hej all,   i have a general question about memory access of two components. I use the Sharc 21489. What happens if SPORT DMA wants to write data into internal RAM while the Core wants to read/write data into int.RAM? How is this situation managed?   Best regards     Waleri
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Good day Group, I have a board containing a ADSP-21161 SHARC On the board are >  Flash mem for the SHARC FW as well as SDRAM The board contains a legacy JTAG (2x7 pin) interface. I wish to read the FW on the flash via the JTAG interface Which equipment and Software do I require to do this? Can anybody help me with information.   Thank you… (Show more)
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Hello,   I've setup a quick test issuing non-chained DMA controlled SPI transfer on an ADSP-21469 Ezboard. The code repeatedly sends a small buffer over the SPIB interface and I've verified this is working fine. I'd like to trigger a DMA complete ISR but it's not firing. I'm using VisualDSP 5.1.2 and I've verified global interrupts are… (Show more)
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Hi all   We have an embedded system with a SHARC ADSP-21161 processor with three additional SDRAM in use. The program that is running on the DSP was programmed years ago and I ported it now to VisualDSP++ 5.1. It consists of several parts whereby some parts can be debugged without any problems. However, some parts of the software can not be… (Show more)
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Hello,   I'm designing custom systems with ADSP-21478 and BF-592 processors, and I'd like to boot my software from SPI Flash, utilising the VDSP++ Flash Programmer utility. I have successfully done so using the M25P16 parts that are used in the EZ-kits with the flash drivers provided.   Unfortunately it looks like these parts are being phased… (Show more)
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