• Where I can find the documentation about obsolescence ADSP-2185BSTZ-115?

    #ADSP-2185 #obsolescence
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  • [Error li1021]

    Hi I am using the Sharc ADSP21364 with the latest development tool release. I have created a small simple library function called rocket() and have compiled/mapped it into the ldf file. In addition, I have added a pr...
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  • ADSP-218x using variable between functions

    Hi all   I am using an ADSP-218x as a sequencer for a CCD. Normal readout works perfectly well, and I can also perform a process called 'pocket pumping' (where charge is moved back and fourth between the pixels)...
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  • Link-ports TS201s

    Hi..   I want to communicate between FPGA(Virtex 5)  and ADSP TS201S uing LinkPorts. I found in the memory map of TS201S,there is space dedicated for external memory,internal memory and host space. So if...
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  • Link port Communication in 4 bit mode is not happening!!!..

    .   I am using 2 ADSP TS201S Processors in my board. I am facing one issue with the link port communication. The link port communication (Only L2) is not happening in ambient temperature. Above 40 to 45°C t...
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  • Where can I find the EABI document for the TigerSHARC architecture?

    Hello, I am currently studying a bit of the TS-201S processor and I need to understand some of its conventions, such as parameter passing and stack frame construction. When doing the same for other processor brands, ...
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  • AD9914 or AD9915 Parallel Interface and Preffered MCU

    Hi, Can you recommend me #MCU which can interface via #paraller bus (32b wide) with #AD9914 #AD9915 to achive update rate about 40-50MHz? Regards Mikolaj
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  • Can I access TigerSharc DSP processor directly with PC without glueless interfacing to FPGA?

    Guys, I am working on designing of a test board which involves both FPGA(Xilinx- Kintex 7) and DSP(Tiger Sharc) based signal processing. Now the end user wants to access the DSP processor programming options/ boot co...
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  • ADDI7004

    Hi,    My customer is now facing component degrade issue on their board and need some information about the component reflow profile for ADDI7004. They need the information to study the root ...
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  • ADUCM 3027

    Hi, the data retention for ADuCM 3027 is given typical 10 years. At what temperature ? 85 °C ?   If my app. has only 40 °C, then I can estimate 8 times higher data retention ?   thanks   ...
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  • CoreTex-M3-Fault Management

              We decided to use ADuCM361 for its 128K flash.   We have noticed the following in AN1320 page 5: in attachment for reference.   We would like to know whether the core will ...
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  • How to handle VTEMP Pin in ADuCM330

    Hi All, I want to know how to handle VTEMP Pin in ADuCM330. We can see we can select the Input channel of ADC1. And the both of the selectable channels are the external / internal temperature sensor. But I don't kno...
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  • ADSP-2191M PLL stuck

    Hi, we have a system with ADSP-2191M that starts in bypass mode (BYPASS pin unconnected). After successful start the program sets PLLCNTL to required multiplication factor (CLKIN=40MHz, multiplier=4x to achieve 160MH...
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  • How do I modify PFDATA?

    So if I understand correctly, I can configure the PFDATA pins as either input or output via the memory mapped PFTYPE register.   Now, lets say I only map 1 pin (PF6) as an output pin.  When I want to set or...
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  • DMA chaining TS201

    Hello,   Kindly provide sample code for data transfer on TS201 DSP linkport using DMA chaining. Regards
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  • ADSP-TS-201 Link Boot

    We are developing our own board with a TS-201 and trying to get it to boot via link port by sending boot data from FPGA, and we're having a bit of difficulty getting it to work . Using ChipScope,it seen that TS-201 d...
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  • What are people choosing after the TigerSharc is not available?

    Hello, as I understand Analog Devices will no longer produce the TigerSharc DSP next year. I have been looking at the DSP's from TI and have purchased an Evaluation Board with the TMS320C6678 processor. Getting things...
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  • Need help understanding LSHFT

    I've done some assembler programming in the past.  Probably about 1-2 years of experience.  However, this is my 1st time looking at dsp code.  I am trying to understand the manual for the ADSP-218x and ...
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  • DMA Chaining TS203

    Hello,   I need c example code for DMA  chaining in TS203.  Regards
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  • USB DMA Interface

    Has anyone successfully used a USB device with DMA on theTS203? I need sample code  Regards
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