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I currently have a SPORT setup in multichannel operation. It functions correctly most of the time. We have some hardware that switches the clock source that drives the external RFS/RSCLK of the SPORT. When the source of these external clock inputs is switched, there is some jitter on the lines (a clock stretch occurs). Most of the time the SPORT… (Show more)
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Hi there! I have a basic application using the BF533 where I have two pictures of size 128*128 of Fract16 format. I want to compute the average of every pixel from the top left corner (size 64*64) and put it into another Fract16 array.    I have my tables initialisation written in C and I call externally this function. (sizeX and sizeY are not… (Show more)
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Hi everybody    I am using ADSP BF 548 evolution board,I am using SD card in my project, I can able to write and read SD card but I am finding difficulty in erasing the SD card, I write a block in SD card and then I erased ,if I read the same block I am getting the data what I had written to the same block,please give me a suggestion how to erase… (Show more)
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How to config the jumpers while running the ADC example on BF518F? The instruction in readme file uses the same jumper positions as the default settings, seems wrong.
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I am currently using a BF534 in my prototype, and now the security issue came up. Do I have to change processor to protect my FW from being copied or do I have any other possibilities ?
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ADSP-BF518 MP3 codec is not supporting for all frequency of audio signal. Request to share if there is any reference code which can help to process audio signal working in Any frequency 
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I designed my board with BF527 based on ADSP-BF527 Ez-Kit Lite and so I use MT48LC32M16A2TG-75 DDR. Unfortunately this product has been declared End Of Life (see MT48LC32M16A2TG-75 IT )   Do you have any suggestion on what product should I use to replace it? I need a product with the same pin layout and with the same settings (as much as… (Show more)
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The SDP (System Demonstration Platform) is a collection of controller boards, interposer boards, and daughter boards used for easy, low cost evaluation of ADI components and reference circuits. The controller boards provide a means of communicating to the PC from the system being evaluated or demonstrated. The SDP-B is a Blackfin, ADSP-BF527,…
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not getting correct results by using rfft2d() provided by ADI. confused with fract16 datatype. can anybody help on this issue please?
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Hi there,   I'm new to DSP and was hoping for a little guidance on generating filter coefficients for an IIR Direct Form 1 filter on a BF707. I am hoping to generate filter coefficients on the fly based on user input. I have had good results so far using general C++ lowpass filter code sketches, but I would prefer to use the built in optimized… (Show more)
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