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I am using a BF504F processor and trying to stream the data I collected from external ADC to an SD card. I used 2x8k L1 memory (core memory) sections as ping-pong buffers to stream the data. While the Sport read data from ADC to one memory section using DMA2, the DMA1 transfers the data in the other memory section to the SD card. My problem is… (Show more)
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Hello   I want to generate square wave audio signal and modulate width and amplitude, in BF592 or similler board. If anyone have any idea or sample code then please help with that.   Thank You
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haiii   am using the bf532 blackfin processor for ip04 .the u-boot source code can not able to detect my nand flash (mt29f2g08aabwp).
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Hi! I have a custom board with BF527, 32 Mb SDRAM, RGB LCD (via PPI) and ADC(via SPORT1).   I setup and run DMA0 PPI: *pDMA0_CONFIG = 0; // обнуляем настройки DMA0 *pDMA0_PERIPHERAL_MAP = 0x0000; // подключаем DMA0 для PPI *pDMA0_NEXT_DESC_PTR = &LCD_descriptor_array[9]; *pDMA0_START_ADDR = &LCDActivePage[0]; *pDMA0_X_COUNT =… (Show more)
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Hi everybody   Iam using ADZS BF 548 evaluation board, we are using MIL 1553B protocol in our project. the chip we are using is HOLT HI-6136, where can i get the sample code for this protocol. if anybody is having code for this protocol, please reply with these queries.   Thanks for reply in advance. Best Regards Amar TR
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Hi, After migrating a BlackFin BF536 project from VisualDSP 4.5 to 5.1.2 raises following problem. When I compile migrated source to create a .ldr file (intel hex format), burn it into SPI eprom, it will not boot properly. - Loading old *.ldr file from before migration works fine - 5.1.2 with HPUSB-ICE in debug works fine - 5.1.2 with… (Show more)
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Hi, I got a query regarding asynchronous memory writes. The problem description is given below The following are the data regarding my system Processor - BF527 CCLK = 122.88Mhz SCLK = 12.288MHz (CCLK/SCLK =10) I am using an SRAM on the asynchronous memory bank 3. The EBIU_AMBCTL1 register is programmed with the following values B3WAT = 0xF… (Show more)
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Hi All,   I am using a BF537 with SCLK set to 95 MHz connected to a MT48LC16M16A2P-6A SDRAM.    I'm trying to debug some strange results in my project and I'm looking at the EBIU settings.   I've used the calculator reference in BfSdcDmcCalculation_Release.xlsx  to determine my `EBIU_SDGCTL` settings based on the attached datasheet for… (Show more)
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Hi,   Question about USB & BF-707, switching between USB Host vs Device mode. Historically, the USB ID-pin was dictating the mode thanks to the extra pin in the usb receptacle/cable.   Today with Type-C's DRP (dual role port), the configuration is done either via the passive CC1/2 pins or via the PD serial protocol.   Many Type-C detection… (Show more)
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Hello. I want to connect some wi-fi adapter to ADSP-BF548 through USB. And establish a connection with PC. Can someone tell me how I should programm my blackfin board, at least in general? I use Crosscore Embedded Studio. And I only recently began to work with blackfin board.
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