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I used 50MHz's crystal oscillator and enabled the PLL, but the SYNC_CLK pin only outputs a high level. What's the matter?
Hi, Engineers   We want to produce a BPSK signal on the AD9914 eval board by switching between two Proflies with 180° phase offset. ref_clock = 3.5 GHz, output frequency is 500 MHz, and the PS0 pin onboard is connected to an external signal generator which produces a 25 MHz square signal.    Through the spectrum analyzer, we found the the… (Show more)
I have purchased an AD9912A evaluation board for prototyping and have come across a few discrepancies in the evaluation board schematic. I would like to use a crystal in position x3. It is suggested to add an inductor L4 in the schematic however L4 has no specified value as the user guide indicates. Additionally the user guide indicates to remove… (Show more)
I want to make a DDS FM Exciter, which is capable of producing high quality signal. Please suggest some suitable designs for the same.
Can I change the frequency of the square wave output in a AD9837?   I have it set to generate a square wave with the DAC disabled. After I set a value in the freq0 register and re-enable the device, the output frequency is always 78KHz, regardless of the value programmed into the freq0 register.    The input clock is 5MHz. 
I want to use AD99858 to generate 2 level FSK signal from ch0,and other signal with 0~5kHz frequency.and I  can change  the amplitude of the signal independently. As shown in the figure below. I  want to know if  AD9958 can meet my requirements,and if  the phase of the  2 level FSK signal is coherent.
Hello everyone, I am doing QPSK modulations on given data using AD9856. I am getting modulated signal with some pulse shaping. I just wanted to confirm that in AD9856 is there any inbuilt functionality to generate Modulated data in some specific pulse shaping.
Hello,   Can anyone tell me how stable the amplitude of the sinewave output is on the AD9833 DDS IC? The datasheet state its 'typically' 0.6Vpkpk, what does typically mean in real terms?   I am looking at using this device to create a 500Hz sinewave used by my system for calibration, but I need a the amplitude to be steady.   Many Thanks,… (Show more)
I would like to use ad9954 evb output frequency hopping signal, the current problem is the operation of the software there are some problems. 1. If you want to set the frequency hopping to enable linear sweep or ram enable? 2. Do I need to set another part of ram editor (Figure)?include beginning address,final address,address ramp rate,mode… (Show more)
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