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1. Using AD9851, respectively, for two single-chip, can not achieve two output signals with the same frequency 、amplitude、same phase? 2. If the two microcontrollers are far apart and not on the same board can achieve two output synchronization? 3. Through the programming of the microcontroller, set the same parameters, can achieve the function of… (Show more)
Hi Sir,   Could you provide PCB land pattern for AD9910? Because we met the soldering issue on it. Thank you!
Dear Louijie, I heard about this issue with the AD9913 DDS. Could you confirm and expand on this? We have been having some intermittent problems with the DDS.   >>There is a well-known issue with the ADD9913 wherein the serial bus gets one bit off the message it's supposed to be receiving and then remains one bit off indefinitely.  He said there… (Show more)
I am trying to interface AD9957 with Arduino Due. I am supposed to sweep frequencies from 136MHz to 174MHz.  Trying to write registers using Arduino SPI actually data is getting transferred with SPI but the responsible registers are not getting written. When I tried to read the values from registers its showing total number of bits which we are… (Show more)
hello i am using AD9837 module as slave & nrf52 dk as master. I am connecting sclk----->sclk, ssn----->Fsync, MOSI--->SData I am not connecting MISO pin & nrf52 dk is a 32 bit processor . The aim is to generate a 400 Hz output frequency using the AD9833 with a 16 MHz crystal so i am sending the commands for generating sine wave as follows:… (Show more)
Good day,  It's my first time using an Analog Devices. I need an assistance on how can I use my EVAL-AD5933EBZ as an impedance analyzer. I need it to measure the impedance of a fruit by attaching ECG probes at both the fruit and the EVAL. I really need someone to spoon feed me the information that I need to make this work. Your help is much… (Show more)
I just want to program DDS using my own software so for that i need to know formulas, according to which register updates(writes) its values for different frequencies, amplitude and phase. Moreover, how the register values be calculated when i enter 15MHz from 05MHz. ALso let me know where could i found deeply about its software calulation because… (Show more)
I have installed the EVAL-AD5933EBZ software and followed the instructions in the users guide. However, whenever I attempt to connect the evaluation board to the computer with the USB cable the install wizard does not show up and it shows up under the device manager as an "unknown device". The users guide then stated to try again but this was… (Show more)
I have designed an impedance measurement system with Analog Front End using op-amps similar to the AD5933 Eval board schematic. I am using FPGA to do I2C command sequence and control of the AD5933 part.    I am able to get temp measurement successfully with I2C between AD5933 and FPGA. However, when I try to program relevant registers and then… (Show more)
I'm trying to use the AD5932 to generate a 12 pulse waveform. I'm using a 16 MHz oscillator and have programmed TINT = 4 (D15 to D11 = 01000), NINCR = 2 with auto-incrementing enabled. FSTART and DELTAF correspond to 420 kHz and 25 kHz, respectively. I'm interested in a square wave output so I'm looking at MSBOUT.   The problem is that MSBOUT… (Show more)
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