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Hi   I'm using the AD5933 Eval board to measure capacitances in the range 100pF to 2000pf, with MCLK = 1MHz and sampling frequency at fixed at 1KHz.    The Eval board takes considerably longer to do a measurement compared to when the MCLK is at 16MHz. I'm not sure if its something inherent to the AD5933 or it is to do with how the eval board and… (Show more)
I have Ad5933 eval kit and i want to interface Eval kit using arduino uno. I am very new to this work. How shuould i connect please help.
hello i try to interfacing AD9833 chip with microcontroller i have a problem that the chip out Random frequencies this schematic i made it.  code in mikro c:     sbit fsync at LATG15_bit;   void main() { portg.f15=1; trisg.f15=0; SPI2_Init_Advanced(_SPI_MASTER, _SPI_16_BIT, 40, _SPI_SS_DISABLE, _SPI_DATA_SAMPLE_MIDDLE,… (Show more)
I am a mechanical engineer who is new to direct digital synthesis. I am trying to recreate the attenuation circuit to adapt the EVAL-AD5933 for measurements of small impedance (see image included) from page 30 of the EVAL-AD5933 data sheet. I have recreated the circuit, but am not sure about the source of VDD (circled in the image). The data… (Show more)
Hi! I need to generate a quadrature signal on it, AD9958 like this is allowed because DDS has two parallel channels. I can form a static complex signal (at a constant signal frequency). The phase shift is honest 90 degrees. But if, for example, to try to form a complex chirp signal, then the phase between the components begins to behave… (Show more)
Hello, We programmed AD9951 using STM32 SPI, All the parameters are verified and are working properly, After programming we are getting 0.08 amp current. Oscillator is also giving 40 MHz clock out Only the Sync clock out is not giving output as it is supposed to give 1/4 of the system clock. We are not able to find out the exact issue. If anyone… (Show more)
Hi,   we wnat to use ad9910 as sweep generator. the frequency domain is 100-200Mhz.   and its goes like this: 110 to 130Mhz sweep 150 to 170Mhz sweep 190 to 200Mhz sweep and so on...   can somebody help in the starting of the code issue? any example?   thanx ...
I"m reading the Data Sheet in regards to the DAC calibration procedure.  The Data Sheet states that a required calibration must be manually set and then cleared.  It also states a calibration time.   We are implementing a serial interface. Is that time how long the pulse is meant to be held HIGH, or is that the required time to wait until… (Show more)
Hello,   My group and I have been experimenting with the AD9910 evaluation boards to use in our atomic physics experiments to modulated lasers. A few days ago, upon power up of one of boards we noticed a significantly higher current draw. This board we had just modified to allow it to run synchronously with another AD9910. We got high current… (Show more)
Hi Guys,    I'm building an external amplification circuit for the AD5933 eval board. The excitation signal is 2Vpp and I am amplifying it to 17Vpp. I need to amplify the signal since the AD5933 is connected to 2 parallel copper plates which are placed apart. And in my case, these copper plates will eventually be opened up so that they are no… (Show more)
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