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I am using windows 7 to install the driver for AD9911 eval board but every time i connect the USB cable to my computer, it says "not successfully installed". how do i get the eval board to talk to my computer. please help
Hi engineers:  I have used the AD9837 to make a signal generator,that with a external oscillator 16MHz,and it is described that the AD9837 can generate a signal with 8MHz in the datasheet,but when i set the frequency beyond 100KHz,both the Sine Output  and the Triangular Output  are distorted,like the pictures below.I just use the typical  … (Show more)
I´m using Ad5933 with AFE (AN -1252). the external clock signal is provided by DS1077. I wanna do sweeps from 10 Hz to 1 kHz. I divided my output-signal (excitation) into many pieces to perform sweeps. For example on sweep is from 10 Hz to 30 Hz with an increment size of 1 Hz and id like to perform 20 increments. I programmed a loop with 4 repeats… (Show more)
I need highly precise and accurate sawtooth waveform of 5KHz. Will this device be able to produce it?
Hello,   I am using the EVAL-AD5933EBZ and I have a quick question regarding the AN-1252 documentation about measuring complex impedances.   On page 8, under the "Measuring a Complex Impedance" section it says  To measure complex impedance, refer to the conversion table (see Table 7) to calculate the maximum and minimum impedance based on the… (Show more)
Hello, my question is: using SPI serial write CFR1, CFR2, CFR3 CFR4 ETC, unable to write, IO -- UPDATA, not working.But 0X0B, 0X0C, 0X0D can be written, without IO - UPDATA can also be written, CS, RESET, and other pin are normal. When readout, CFR1, CFR2, CFR3 CFR4 are data after reset.0X0B, 0X0E, 0X0D reads the value consistent with the write… (Show more)
Question: using AD9914, say I have a frequency ramp configured and ready to fire. Is there a method to reliably generate the signal with timing repeatable to within a few 100 ps relative to external inputs. I would imagine this would be possible if DRHOLD were sampled by REF_CLK but from the datasheet it appears DRHOLD is sampled by the internal… (Show more)
We are using AD9913 in our product. We need pulse shaping from DAC output instead of constant amplitude for generation of FSK. Kindly suggest how we can achieve this from AD9913. If not possible in AD9913, kindly suggest us alternate device/method.
I wonder if there is a microcontroller in evalution board of AD9954 and how to program? I only found the schematic and the bills of meterials, and I want to know if there is an users' guide. and can the input clock of LVCOMS  directly connect to the input clock pins of AD9954? or I should connect to the input clock pin through a attenuator.
Dear experienced users,   when synchronizing multiple DDS chips, is relevant that the SYNC_OUT of the master device keeps running _after_ the synchronization procedure was successful? I remember reading somewhere that the SYNC_OUT can be disabled after the sync process but I can't this information anymore. Does anyone have experience wether it… (Show more)
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