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Hello, I am using AD9914 for LFM signal.   I want the AD9914 to have a period of 20us and generate an LFM signal for 1us. I also want to set the output voltage level to 0 when the signal ends after 1us and make sure that the starting phase of the signal is always the same. I am making a LFM signal using the no dwell ramp generation function. To… (Show more)
Hello, I am trying to design continuous bioimpedance measurement system using AD5933. I designed frequency sweep function with single cycle, and now I am on validation.   I referred the formula in data sheet to decide the gain factor using 1 kOhm resistor. (Calibration using 1 kOhm) I decided each gain factor for each frequency, and below is… (Show more)
Hello Everyone,   I am able to interface all the four channels of AD9959 individually with STM32 microcontroller in singletone mode without any modulation. I can see the proper output waveform.  I am writing four channel independently with different frequencies in singletone mode using SDIO_0 line.  I have programmed. Channel 1 - 1 MHz to 30… (Show more)
Hi everyone, Can someone share the register configuration of triangle wave output for AD9102 with me? I used the same sequence which is written in AD9102 EVB software(Example 4) however I can not get the output. But I can get sinusoidal output by using the sequence which is given in Example 6.    Best Regards, Dogukan.
Hello Everyone,   I am currently studying about ad9959.  In AD9959 there are four different SDIO pins (SDIO_0, SDIO_1,SDIO_2 and SDIO_3) and also four individual DDS Cores channels with four different output channels.   So I wanted to know about is that, Are these four different SDIO pins representing four individuals DDS and output channels?… (Show more)
Hi,   I am using AD9959 eval board for generating frequencies. I am getting output from only the lowpass filter ports for all the channels. The output from non-filtered ports shows zero. Any ideas why this might be happening? I am using a 10MHz signal generator as a clock. The DDS board is controlled using a PC.   Thanks, Rahul Sawant
HI everybody.... I try to operate ram mode  mode without evaluation board but i failed.i tried  by SPI protocol using Arduino uno "micro-controller" to Operate RAM mode.  -Fsystemclk = 1GHz  - Start frequency = 250 MHz...............................0000000000..............10 bits  - End frequency = 350… (Show more)
i have some troubles when using OUT_CMOS and OUT. 1.  according to the datasheet ,there's no special settings needed when making DAC_OUT as the output,i can use a oscilloscope to read the frequency and amplitude of output my application,to get more lager amplitude of the output,there need to use OUT_CMOS and OUT.according to table 32… (Show more)
Hi,   I am using AD9954 eval board. I program this for 136MHz. Power level on the spectrum analyser is -7dBm. 1. Can you tell me the equivalent voltage (peak value) of the output waveform? Is it approximately 140mV? 2. AVDD and DVDD are connected to 1.8V and DVDD_IO to 3.3V. Can I get an output of 1.8V peak( after transformer and filter)?  Any… (Show more)
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