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Hi, I am having difficulty to generate a sine wave using AD9834 evaluation board. Can someone please tell the right procedure to work on it. I have followed the instruction mentioned in the help datasheet of the board but its not working.
Hello   I have two DDS AD9959. I did experiment for synchronization of each DDS 4-channels using 'manual I/O update' button in supplied software. The result is follow. 1. DDS1                                                                                      2. DDS2                  Figure 1. DDS1 synchronization                         … (Show more)
I have an AD9913 evaluation board and I'm trying to monitor the SYNC_CLK signal at the J2 connector.  There is no signal at this connector, just +1.8VDC.  I have also probed the SYNC_CLK pin at the AD9913 device and found the same result.  What should I expect to see for the SYNC_CLK signal at the J2 connector?  Is there a way to access the… (Show more)
Hello,   Our customer has a trouble about multichip synchronization of AD9915. The customer would like to know the function of "CAL with SYNC" and "DAC CAL". Could you please advise me those functions? Or, are there any documents about them?   Best regards, Akira
I have evaluation board of AD5933. The app is installed. When I connect the board to USB port of my pc, the green LED is ON. But, pc doesnt identify it. In hardware list, it appears as unknown and win10 cant find its drivers automatically. Any idea ? Is there any way to download and introduce it to windows ? 
Hello, I am using AD9914 for LFM signal.   I want the AD9914 to have a period of 20us and generate an LFM signal for 1us. I also want to set the output voltage level to 0 when the signal ends after 1us and make sure that the starting phase of the signal is always the same. I am making a LFM signal using the no dwell ramp generation function. To… (Show more)
Hi   I am a newbie on the AD9959 and I have recently purchased the PCBZ evaluation board.    I have powered up the board and I am using the AD9959/59 Evaluation software. I can load and read the AD9959 through the tool (USB Status: CYusb-1 DUT Type: AD9959).   I am using a VNA as a function generator providing a 40Mhz input signal to the REF… (Show more)
Having the AD9912 with a SI5351 at 25Mhz/670mV/pp as input for the DDS. The communication is working ok (I guess) I have a start frequence S4-S1 (0,1,0,0) so I get the 77,75879Mhz. After a software 1-time run of updating the registers the frequency changes to +/- 85,560Mhz. Here after doing a FTW programming, but no frequency is changed. Do I… (Show more)
I need a Sawtooth frequency waveform for FMCW RADAR working in 5.8GHz and sweep between 5700MHz to 5900MHz. Please recommend a DDS Solution to me. Thanks.
Good Morning!   I try to load the registers of AD9959, but no signal on the output. The sequence is shown on the figures:   At first the RST during 100 us, then trying to write 11 bytes in the AD9959.   For the beginning two bytes: 0x00 0x80, and IO_UPDATE pulse. Load02_1.jpg   Then 4 bytes 0x01 0xD0 0x00 0x00, and IO_UPDATE… (Show more)
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