• ad5623: use of input register vs. DAC register

    Dear all,   I am using the AD5623 with pin LDACn tied to GND. According to the data sheet, all writing to input registers results in immediate action on the output pin. Correct?   Using this setup, I do no...
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  • how to interface FPGA based FIFO MEMORY to AD5542A d/a ic ?

    AD5542A d/a ic accepts input data via SPI. first one 16bit long sample is shifted in input shift register on rising edge of clock and t latch it to dac latch register we need  a low to high CS(active low) i. e we...
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  • what is the writing format and transfer rates required for AD5542A d/a ic?

     SPI interface in AD5542A D/A IC
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  • the SPI communication issue of AD9266

    we just use SPI communication with AD9266, and I can read all the register include ChipID、SPI register、SPI configer, etc. but I don't change value of any r/w register, for example: I write a data to Offset adjust(0x10...
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  • DAC Glitch

    Hi We are about to build in a DAC close to our amplifier board. The amplifier needs +-10V input. We want minium glitch-noise. We consider the AD5791, but we have seen some glitch issues with this earlier. How can w...
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  • AD5662 starting sequence

    I am new to AD5662. I would like to know the sequence to start the data transfer. I used 0x280001, 0x30000f,then followed by data transfer of 0x00(Data) for channel A, etc. But it seems it works sometimes and not the ...
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  • About AD5254 Input and output Digital Voltage

    Hi, My customers are considering using the AD5254. So I got a question.   What voltages can I apply to the SCL pin and how many A can be applied? "Digital Inputs and Output Voltage to GND" is stated as "0 V, 7 ...
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  • About AD5423 Evaluation Board

    Hi, My customers are considering using the AD5243 and evaluating it on the evaluation board. So I got a question. When considering the rheostat mode using B1 and W1, is it possible to open the jumper pins of the eval...
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  • AD5311R Output Logic Current(test condition)

    Hi, My customers are considering using the AD5311R. So I have a question.   It is about test condition of Logic Output (SDA). Where Isink and Source are Sink and Source? Is it the transmission line to the loa...
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  • Reading the AD5696R

    I am investigating a problem we are having with reading from the AD5696R. When following the "read operation" procedure, the value returned is nearly always 0x91. I attached a Corelis BusPro-I I2C monitor to the ...
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  • how to interface AD5542A dac ic with FPGA memory to provide input data to Din pin of AD5542A?

    Around 256K data is stored as a bunch in memory and we need to convert this digital data to analog at once by applying it to AD5542A dac ic. As chip select need to go low to high after each 16 bit data to latch it to ...
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  • Is there an example C Code for the AD5061 for µC´s (AVR) ?

    Hello!   Is there an SPI Lib for the AD5061?   best regards
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  • AD7845 single supply voltage range

    Hello,   May the AD7845  works with a single supply ?   Regards,   Sebastien
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  • Can AD5754R provide DC voltage at the four output ports?

    Dear Sir/Madam,     I am going to buy an evaluation board of AD5754R. I have a question about it.   I want to have a programable range of DC-voltage at the output of the four ports of the DAC. Ra...
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  • what is the advantage of using LDAC pin in AD5542A dac IC in terms of speed

    The aim is to design multi channel high speed digital to analog converter system. for this AD5542A dac IC is being used. requirement is to obtain max speed available in IC.
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  • Qustion abuot AD5174 Register Setting

    Hi All,   Sorry, it's a basic question. In order to just move the wiper position, what commands should I use? Now I set the command#7, the command#1 and then the command#2 as attachment, but the wiper does not m...
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  • LTC2644-L12 Rising Edge to DAC Update Delay

    Dear Sir, I'm using the LTC2644-12 for motor control applications.   My PWM is set to 6kHz hence Tpwm=1/6000.   I need some clarification about parameter t4 (device datasheet 2644fa), because  a...
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  • LTC2642, leaving RFB and INV pins unconnected in unipolar configuration

    I'm using LTC2642 in unipolar configuration and datasheet suggest connecting RFB and INV pins to VREF. But as it's hard to do it in my layout I'd like to leave them unconnected. I don't think that would cause any prob...
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  • AD5593R Registers Returning Strange Values

    We are a group of students working on a project for our university. We have encountered some issue with the AD5593RBRUZ, which we wish to use as an A/D converter. It seems that every register we attempt to read from u...
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  • AD5116

    Hi,   I am using the AD5116 rheostat in my application and I have a problem related to parameter shift over temperature that is greater then the typical values given in the DS.   I started with a room temp...
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