• AD5755-1 Iout smaller than what was expected

    Dear All,   AD5755-1 Iout smaller than what was expected. The gain calibration seems only for Iout bigger than the setup value. The measurement data file was attached.    I would like to know how to c...
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  • ADC5337 DAC No output

    HI All,   Am trying to write to the DAC AD5337ARMZ over I2C.   The Slave Responds to my request and all registers are acknowledge but i dont see dac output.   Regiter Setting.     ...
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  • Can i use digital potentiometer for example AD5241 as a digitally configurable dummy load for my small current testing device?

    I'm assuming that i could just control AD5241 AB resistance over I2C and connect my current source to AD5241 A1 pin and connect B1 pin to GND and then alter the current by controlling total resistance? or should conne...
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  • Exposed Pad of AD5421

    Hello,   I am working on laying out the AD5421 TSSOP-28 package.  I have been using the evaluation board for testing and want to replicate that design as much as possible.    When looking at the ...
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  • AD5300 SPI start up time

    This is a question from my customer. How many seconds after the power on will the SPI communication of the AD5300 become possible? Best regards
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  • AD5429: DAC does not start up correctly sometimes

    I have a problem that AD5429 can not start up correctly. The start up fails once or twice every 10 times power up. In that case, DAC output does not change even tough applying any command and power up c...
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  • hi  I am using AD5791 with control word "000000000000000000000100" . I Get  2 mV at LSB. Is that correct ? Is my control word setting is correct?

    hi I am using AD5791 with control word "000000000000000000000100" . I Get 2 mV at LSB. Is that correct ? Is my control word setting is correct?
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  • AD5320 DAC has no output

    Hi ADIexpert My customer is using AD5320 as a DAC to output different voltage for its motor control application however, no output was found (always 0V at the Vout) for different data  please see the...
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  • Resistor feedback DAC AD7538KR.

    What is value resistor feedback DAC AD7538KR? It is needed for calculating current op amp DAC.
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    Hi, I have  Schottky diodes clamping to AVDD and GND and a 22ohm series resistor for protecting the IOUT pin of AD5420. In spite of this additional circuitry, the part got destroyed when someone connected 24V...
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  • AD5700-1 connect REF_EN  to IOVDD

    In POWER DOWN MODE section of datasheet, I found the following description. Is it OK for me to connect REF_EN to IOVDD or any problem other than power consumption?      If the reference is not powered...
  • Looking for DAC with EEPROM / Flash

    Hi, I am looking for a DAC with inbuilt EEPROM / flash to retain DAC configuration when powered up. I need output voltage upto 15V. Please suggest a suitable Part number.   -- Regards, Ramakrishna D C 
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  • AD5410 Iout Drop Concern

    I have an AD5410 4-20mA application with a very short duration Iout drop that occurs at random intervals (ex. not associated with inductive load on/off).  You can see below it does not quite RAIL everytime but go...
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  • What will happen with AD5541 if pull CS high before 16 bits data clocked in?

    As the tile, if I only clock in several bits (less than 16 bits) into the DAC, and pull CS high, what will happen? Will AD5541 abandon the data or just simply shift out several bits and appending the new ones, then lo...
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  • AD5421

    Hi,when read the datasheet of AD5421,with its REGout current is 3.15mA, How can We get the 6mA current so that to drive the outside circuit,please give some advises,thanks.  
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  • AD5422 evaluation board software commands

    Hi,   This discussion explains how to use the new dll library available for both Windows 32 and 64 bits OS.   We aim to provide a detailed explanation of the dll functions and the commands associate with eac...
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  • LTC2625CGN-1 DAC output voltage i am unable to change

    Hi,   I have done the programming through STM32F411 development kit through I2C but i am unable change the output voltage actually using same code i can make it work MCP4725 so please help me how can i make it w...
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  • AD5700-1 HART_OUT connection

    I use EVAL-AD5700-1EBZ to connect to RSET of EVAL-AD5422LFEBZ based on the description in the section 'Circuit Evaluation & Test' in the following page.   http://www.analog.com/en/design-center/reference-des...
  • AD7228ACRZ initial Vout ?

    Hi all,   We and our customer are confused for Vout status. When VDD and VREF supply, what initial status are the Vout and DAC Latch @ AD7228A ?   In "Figure 2. Write Cycle Timing Diagram", "NOTE: THE SE...
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  • LTC2666-16 MISO output

    Hi, I designed a hardware with LTC2666 16bit DAC and I want to output some signals by giving the correct commands (I hope). However, When I send command, address and data word, MISO (or SDO) word doesn...
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