• Failing AD5372 DACs

    I designed low noise 32-channel DAC modules for ion-trap applications. And we observe that on some of the boards the DAC consumes much higher current on negative rail than specified. I measure 60mA, this current hea...
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  • About the input impedance of the AD5767 dither signal pin

    Hi all,   Our users will use the AD5767. They use the Dither function. Please let me know the input impedance value of the dither signal pin (N0,N1).   If you have a question, please let me know.   ...
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  • Chip similar to AD5447

    Is there any chip similar to AD5447 (high update rate)but with higher resolution like 16 bits
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  • 關於AD5447的相關產品

    請問有類似AD5447 的D/A 但是resolution 更高的產品嗎
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  • LTC7106

    How to deal with EXPOSED PAD of LTC7106? no remark in datasheet. Thank you very much.
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  • AD5671R Time between write cycle

    Hi all,   how long I have to wait before writing the next command to the AD5671R?   Kind regards, Paul
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  • EVAL-AD5766 Issues

    We have a EVAL-AD5766 (both LFSP and WLCSP packages) with a EVAL-SDP-CB1Z for control through the ACE software. We are seeing SPI read/write fails using these eval kits together. The boards will work for a few minutes...
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  • What is the AD5391-3 Channel Output Voltage?

    I can't believe I have to ask this here, but I can't seem to make sense of the datasheet.    On page 8 in the spec table, it says 0/AVDD (which is what I want) On page 23 it says VOUT=(2)(VREF)(x2/2^n) whi...
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  • AD5270 Programming in production

    Customer has designed in the AD5270. For production, they would like to have a way to program the devices using a PC (i.e. via USB). They have the Evaluation board for the AD5270/AD5272 devices and...
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  • AD5700-1 Minimalistic design and components

    Hi forum! I want to use HART modem AD5700-1with the intent of minimum possible complexity of operation and minimum # of components.My application is simple;i just want to make a half duplex uart bridge...i am designi...
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  • increasing current output of an AD5422

    The output of the AD5422 with the voltage and current output pins tied together as in figure 77 of the datasheet. The circuit also designed with the external boost transistor. The AD5422 outputs 19.7mA .3mA shy of the...
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  • LTC2664 Maximum Output Voltage can not be reached?

    Dear Sirs! Currently I’m working on a LTC2664-16 DAC and I’m wondering why I cannot get the maximum output voltage out of the Part. The chip is integrated on a own Board (see SCH). When I try to get the m...
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  • AD5115/3/1 pull-up or pull-down requirements

    What are the requirements for pulling up or down the #CLK, U/#D, and #CS pins?  Can I leave them floating?
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  • how do I use labview to test the eval-ad5791sdz?

    I am trying to evaluate the eval-ad5791sdz board and would like to know how to use labview to write my own program to check the board out. 
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  • About EVAL-AD5665R win8.1 64bit USB-DRIVER

    Please tell me what is USB driver of "EVAL-AD5665R" as win8.1 64 bit? Is this same as CY7C68013A driver?   I don't find any USB driver in Cypress web-site, would ADI be available to provide the AD5665R win...
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  • AD5692R I2C Clock Stretching by Master

    Hello, i am using the AD5692R with I2C-Interface. I write the data to the DAC by sending 4 bytes via I2C with 600 kHz I2C-clock. Because of timing-restrictions in the host-cpu the cpu holds the clock-line low after 2...
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  • LTC2640 SPI mode (CPOL and CPHA)

    Hi,   I've been reading the LTC2640 datasheet, but it doesn't give a clue about which SPI mode should be used. In other words, it doesn't tell me about CPOL and CPHA. The timing diagram is not helpful in that re...
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  • AD7845 single supply voltage range

    Hello,   May the AD7845  works with a single supply ?   Regards,   Sebastien
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  • AD5116

    Hi,   I am using the AD5116 rheostat in my application and I have a problem related to parameter shift over temperature that is greater then the typical values given in the DS.   I started with a room temp...
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  • LTC2668 control with Raspberry Pi 3

    Hi,   I have DC2025A-A demo board for 16 bit LTC2668. The board has the option to be used with QuickEval with extra boards but I don't have them. According to the manual, DC2025A can be used with micro controlle...
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