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Is there any chip similar to AD5447 (high update rate)but with higher resolution like 16 bits
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Hi all,   Our users will use the AD5767. They use the Dither function. Please let me know the input impedance value of the dither signal pin (N0,N1).   If you have a question, please let me know.   Best regards, Hiro
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How to deal with EXPOSED PAD of LTC7106? no remark in datasheet. Thank you very much.
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Hi all,   how long I have to wait before writing the next command to the AD5671R?   Kind regards, Paul
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I designed low noise 32-channel DAC modules for ion-trap applications. And we observe that on some of the boards the DAC consumes much higher current on negative rail than specified. I measure 60mA, this current heats the chip significantly and gets increased with every degree. At certain moment, the DAC and LDO gets hot and the LDO enters… (Show more)
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We have a EVAL-AD5766 (both LFSP and WLCSP packages) with a EVAL-SDP-CB1Z for control through the ACE software. We are seeing SPI read/write fails using these eval kits together. The boards will work for a few minutes and then get latched up. It occurs on both LFSP and WLCSP eval boards. When the boards are working, we set the span selection to… (Show more)
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I can't believe I have to ask this here, but I can't seem to make sense of the datasheet.    On page 8 in the spec table, it says 0/AVDD (which is what I want) On page 23 it says VOUT=(2)(VREF)(x2/2^n) which gives 2.5V at x2=4095 because VREF is 1.25V     My AVDD is 3.3V. What do I need to do to get 0/3.3V out of the channels? Is it even… (Show more)
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Customer has designed in the AD5270. For production, they would like to have a way to program the devices using a PC (i.e. via USB). They have the Evaluation board for the AD5270/AD5272 devices and were wondering if it can be re-purposed to achive the goal described above.   Thanks. Anita
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Hi forum! I want to use HART modem AD5700-1with the intent of minimum possible complexity of operation and minimum # of components.My application is simple;i just want to make a half duplex uart bridge...i am designing a single pcb that can either take uart data in and put HART data out or take HART data in and put uart data out...the board is to… (Show more)
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