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Does anybody know how to connect to the J4 on the DAC evaluation board EVAL-AD5380SDZ ? J4 is a straight SMB jack. I believe it is a female one and I need male cable ? I need to provide a external reference voltage to the board.   Also, does anyone know the exact timing diagram to read/write the Control Registers (CR) ? The timing diagram on the… (Show more)
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I am new to AD5662. I would like to know the sequence to start the data transfer. I used 0x280001, 0x30000f,then followed by data transfer of 0x00(Data) for channel A, etc. But it seems it works sometimes and not the other time. Can someone help to let me know what I did wrong?Thanks!
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Hello! I had a problem with controlling the potentiometer AD5292 with Raspberry Pi 3 (model B). The potentiometer does not change the resistance. Below I attached the following files: -photos from a virtual oscilloscope for a Raspberry Pi - PiScope (the code was sent once). -photos from a real oscilloscope (the codes were sent in a loop "while",… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am using the AD5116 rheostat in my application and I have a problem related to parameter shift over temperature that is greater then the typical values given in the DS.   I started with a room temperature (25C) and set W to be 50%, I raised the temperature up to 125C and the W set got down to about 33% and when I set the temperature back… (Show more)
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AD5542A d/a ic accepts input data via SPI. first one 16bit long sample is shifted in input shift register on rising edge of clock and t latch it to dac latch register we need  a low to high CS(active low) i. e we will need to provide some delay between each 16bit sample as to latch it and update dac by a low to high CS of duration 15 ns. we are… (Show more)
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We are a group of students working on a project for our university. We have encountered some issue with the AD5593RBRUZ, which we wish to use as an A/D converter. It seems that every register we attempt to read from using I2C returns the sixteen bit word 0x03FC. Furthermore, our writes seem to be having no effect. We have confirmed that I2C… (Show more)
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Hi All,   Sorry, it's a basic question. In order to just move the wiper position, what commands should I use? Now I set the command#7, the command#1 and then the command#2 as attachment, but the wiper does not move and stays at midscale position.   Regards, Kazu
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I am investigating a problem we are having with reading from the AD5696R. When following the "read operation" procedure, the value returned is nearly always 0x91. I attached a Corelis BusPro-I I2C monitor to the EVAL-AD5696RSDZ and performed a read, and noticed that it did not seem to be following the procedure. When reading from DAC C,… (Show more)
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Hello,   May the AD7845  works with a single supply ?   Regards,   Sebastien
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