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Per Table 25 in datasheet, in high-res mode using sinc5 filter w/ decimation by 64, -3dB point is listed as 6833.54Hz. I calculate roughly 7206Hz per filter description in datasheet, which agrees w/ provided filter model spreadsheet. Is there a typo or could I be missing something?
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Something is wrong with either my Demo Circuit 890B or evaluation board, because PScope reports "no demoboard detected".  I have tried many things, but now I suspect that I overwrote EEPROM stored values from my 2395A Demo Circuit, because I noticed that the WP/PROG jumper was set to PROG when shipped. I've sniffed the I2C lines and see that the… (Show more)
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Hello,   I am seeing added gain error due to using VBias.  I am doing a differential measurement, at a gain of 64, and measuring 34.270 mV.  With the negative input set to VBias I am seeing an error of about 16 uV, but without VBias set I am seeing error of about 8 uV.  I am using the internal calibration function to calibrate the ADC, but wasn't… (Show more)
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Hi, I can use perfectlly ad7991 in standar mode, but I can't make it work in fast mode neither high speed mode.  Actually, in the datasheet I don't see a procedure to make it work in fast mode, so I asume I have only to increase the speed from 100khz to 400khz, but it only works in 100khz.  According to page 25, it seems like to configure high… (Show more)
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Hello, until now I'm not able to use the AD7091R-5 with internal reference of 2,5V. I'm sending this bytes to the AD7091-R to configure it : \x02\x06\xC1\x01\x0F\x00 meaning config reg 0x02 is set to 0x06C1 -> CMD Mode = 1, -> Software Reset = 1, -> Cycletimer to default, -> P_DOWN = 1, which should enable the internal reference. config reg… (Show more)
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Hey everyone,   I've got three AD7761's in a daisy chained configuration. I've followed the datasheet to the letter when designing the circuit and it works perfectly although the synchronization is slower than ideal.   Currently my routine after powering them up is the following:   I apply 2 reset pulse followed by 2 start pulses.   In between… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am using the AD2S1210 part with a tamagawa singlsyn resolver (which has no rotor windings) which unfortunately does not seem to produce complimentary (i.e. equal but opposite) waveforms on sin+ and sin- or cos+ and cos-. However, the differential signals (i.e. between sin+ and sin - and between cos+ and cos-) are correct. The result of… (Show more)
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I am looking for a digital to sychro/resolver conversion IC. I went through  AD site where I found drc1745 IC but it is obsolete. Is there any equivalent reaplcement for this IC?  Would ever be possible to obtain from AD the circuit schematic of this IC in case there is no replacement for this? Thank you for your kind attention.
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Hi, I use the EVAL-AD7768FMCA & SDP-H1 board to capture the data. But when I configured the decimation rate 32, the quantity of captured data not enough(only 130720) ,  base on that configuration  I NEED about 10 second to 20 seconds long to capture the data ,how can I achieve it  ?? 
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What is the minimum sampling frequency of AD7357?Maximum is 4.3MHz
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