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I want to do high resolution µOhm measurement with a battery powered, small device. So differential voltages below 50µV should be measured fairly slow (0,1 sec. - 1 sec.) The noise-free resolution should be < 1µV. I thought of using 4-wire connection and doing current-chopping with full-bridge-mosfets and using a shunt resistor for creating… (Show more)
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Hi ADI,   I got EVAL-AD7176-2SDZ (Rev-A), and I use it to test audio signal.     I use AD7176-2 to sample a pure 12.5 kHz 0.1 Vrms sine wave, and sample rate is 125kHz. But there is a stable low frequency noise as below picture, so it make the wave envelope is unstable.   I   My setting as below:   The attachment is my test data. Do you… (Show more)
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The device's data sheet just says that due to the low noise input amplifier, it can tolerate significant impedance bridge resistances. Can anybody put a figure on this? We generally fit 350 or 700 Ohm bridges but would like to change to 2K.
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Hi , when i used ADAS1000 to collect my ECG singal, the sharp noise my occured , how to resolve this problem?
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Looking for space qualified QML V, Rad Hard sigma delta A/D Converters. Don't see any on Analog Devices webpage or DLA site. Does AD offer any, and if so could you point me to datasheet?
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Dear guys,   I use the ADAS1000 as the ECG sampling frontend IC. But there always is sharp noise in the signal as follows. How should I eliminate it? I have enabled the RL driving and Shield driving. So many thanks!  
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Hi all,   In the datasheet 17 page at AD2s1210,  Loss of Position Tracking Detection LOT can be indicated for step changes in position (such as after a RESET signal is applied to the AD2S1210). It is also useful as a built-in test to indicate that the tracking converter is functioning properly.   What does it means,  "for step changes in… (Show more)
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Hi All,   I have a question about AD7606 set up time. Please take a look at the attached file. How long should I estimate the set up time?   Thanks Kazu
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I use AD7785 in circuit like the demo board and have connected a strain gauge. At zero load at this gauges I get values from the ADC between 508000 and 520000. But the REF Voltage is stable and nothing is changed. I use gain 128 but also at gain 64 the values vary same. What can be wrong?
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Hi,   We use an AD7609 with the parallel interface and sample values at 50KHz. In the measured values are some peaks to 0V or -5V.       We noticed that the data lines DB14 and DB15 looks different then DB0 to DB13.            The bus DB14 / 15 is also pulled high although CS is no longer active.          Has somebody a idea? Do we have… (Show more)
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