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Hello, This is about receiving data register contents from AD7712.   First of all, I am using an Automatic Test Equipement to evaluate the AD7712. The ATE acts as a microcontroller to drive and read data from the ADC.  From the ATE we have also the supply voltages (AVdd and DVdd). Master Clock is supply by an external fonction generator (… (Show more)
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I'm using the AD7124-4 for a pretty simple single ended measurement but for whatever reason, all I read from the data register is either noise or seemingly random strings of incorrect values (see attached). I have tried a bunch of different control register / config regsiter / calibration setups and at this point I'm worried about correct… (Show more)
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Hi,   I've got an EVAL-7327 board without the SDP board.  The SPI signals are configured to go via J7 to a microcontroller.  All the other jumpers are in their default positions.  With power on, the VDRIVE signal at the AD7327 is 0V, and looks like the enable signal on U741 is about 1.0V.  I think this signal needs to be a minimum of 1.2V to… (Show more)
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We are planning prototype board with AD chips. Particularly rms detector ad8361 , phase gain detector ad8302 and ADC ad7928. So my question is regarding connecting ad8361 and ad8302 outputs to ad7928 channel inputs without AMP.  Will I face stability problems? Is there any recommended schematic for my case? Any information will be helpfull for… (Show more)
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Hello, i have this Eval board, and work with Arduino UNO, i get the library and the sample code for ANALOG GitHub. i have a Load Cell, with this data: 0,5mV/V, capacity 5000Kg, cable with shield, no have Sense + -. i connected this load cell on my eval board, make the calibration with 20Kg weight. the weight in serial monitor not stable ( 17-23… (Show more)
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Dear Sir or Madam Currently I am using Eval - AD7626 FMCZ  and  Eval - SDP - CH1Z.   Eval - AD 7626 EDZ + Eval - CED 1 Z has software produced by Labviwe. Is there software that controls EVAL-AD7626 FMCZ with Labview?   Thank you,  
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Hi guys, I would love to understand the different voltage level behavior when the AD598 is powered by:    a) an unipolar voltage, let´s say 25 Volt b) a bipolar +-15V voltage   In respect to the excitation voltage outputs EXE1 and EXE2 and in respect to the SIG OUT + SIG REF pins.   a) When powered by a unipolar voltage, as of my… (Show more)
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Hello, in the enginieer zone there is the following ADAS3023 discussion: ADAS3023: How to release a latch after power up? Unfortunately it ends with "I have sent a private message to you." We are planning to use ADAS3023 and ADAS3022 in a new design. (1) Please let me know the hidden details for this issue. (2) Does the issue also apply for… (Show more)
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Hi, I'm using the AD7124-4 for an application that requires low power between measurements, so I am using the ADC's standby mode in combination with single conversion mode.  The current in Standby mode, however, is much higher then anticipated.   As I understand the datasheet, typical power-down current should be 2 uA and typical standby current… (Show more)
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Hi,   there are reports of AD760x devices suddenly returning only zeros due to glitches on the RESET line, like here or here, the latter unfortunately solved through a private message. We seem to have a similar problem.   Are there any solutions available except for performing a reset before each conversion?   Regards, rehfi
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