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Hello.   Is there a sample Arduino sketch that uses the AD7856 at its full or near full sampling rate?   I read the 2013 post on this device and the Arduino, but would benefit from a more concise and tested sample sketch.   Many thanks!
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Hello,   I have a question about the ICLK setting of AD7760. According to the datasheet, we can select CDIV_B=1 (ICLK=MCLK) or CDIV_B (ICLK=MCLK/2). But, we cannot select ICLK=MCLK on the GUI of AD7760 Evaluation board. Are there any way to set ICLK=MCLK on the GUI? Of course I will input 20MHz or less frequency in this case. Or should we use… (Show more)
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 I am new to this kit, pl help me to tell how to get the output data from ADC.
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My Eval board CN-0376 does not work when power (3.3V) is fed through PMOD connector.   My set-up: The SDP board is taken away, the PWW_SEL jumper set to PMOD. All connections to external controller are connected on the PMOD connector at the side of the ADC. The SDO stays low whatever I try.   My SPI works OK because with a self fabricated… (Show more)
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Hi,   I am validating a design using a AD7091R-4 ADC and some errors are coming up. This component has been used in 12 boards, and all 12 of them are showing the same problem. Might it be due to a faulty batch?   When the system is turned ON it might happen that the ADC works correctly or it starts outputting wrong values and transitioning to… (Show more)
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I once asked about the AD 7147 Output Noise. I will ask you a question once more. I am sorry for taking the trouble. My customers are considering the AD 7147, and their troubles are that they are not sure if the device is running properly. Could you show us the data on the maximum, minimum and distribution of… (Show more)
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I am using AD7768 in PIN mode, I set the DECx and MODEx then apply a /RESET followed by a couple of /START to set the desired sampling rate and power mode (that seems to work OK), AVDDx=5.0V, IOVDD=3.3V, REF+ = 4.096V.  My analog input range is approximately 2Vpp (centered on 2.5V offset), not the expected 8.192Vpp.  I have the EVAL kit and it… (Show more)
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Hi, I would like to use Ad7124 or ADUCM363 for ADC. So, I have a question.   AD7124 or ADUCM363 has a built-in MUX, but how much is the Transicion time for that channel? I looked at the data sheet, but I was not able to find a particular value, so I was able to ask a question.   Best Regards, Yuya
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Hi! I am using 4-Channel, ±10 V Input Range, High Throughput, 24-Bit ( AD7734 )   What will be the sampling frequency if i enable all 4 channels for reading data? What will be the sampling frequency if i enable a single for reading data?   If someone could please point one out to be it would be great. It is kind of urgent.   Thanks!
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Q: What is the correct power supply sequence for the ADAS3023 to operate properly?   A: The ADAS3023 requires these five supplies: AVDD = +5V, DVDD = + 5V, VDDH = + 15V, VSSH = - 15V, and VIO = 1.8V to 5V. The user must bring up the ADAS3023 power supplies in the following sequence in order to operate it normally: 1. VIO 2. VDDH 3. VSSH…
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