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According ADuCM362 and ADuCM363 Verify command should be same. But now I encounter verify step3 command failed on  page 1 to page 4 (start page address 0, 2048, 4096,6144) on ADuCM363 and other pages all verify successfully. On ADuCM362 is fine.
Hi ,    This is with regards to ADUCM302x . All the GPIO ports are in Tristated during Reset . Do we have to pull up or pull down if we it connected to a connector .    When COG is not connected to any board there are no pull up or pull down on  GPIO .  Ana what does the following GPIO Pull mean .      Thanking you  With best regards and… (Show more)
Hi, i have problem with programing first 2kB flash memory(info space) in my ADuCm302x microcontrollers. If i use another programer and next erase all without first 2kB flash memory i can programming another flash memory and everything is ok, but when i try it on blank memory if i programming all memory(info space+ another memory) i lost any… (Show more)
ADuCM4050 - drag and drop transfer time out. I've tried the erase flash and updated interface suggestions on the product page (EV-COG-AD4050LZ). Is there an upper limit on the bin size? A 95kb bin transfers and runs. 185kb does not transfer.
Hi all,   Is there a way in which I could restore the RTC count after a reset event. The system we are implementing must be extremely reliable and requires accurate time-stamping of certain events, so in the case of a catastrophic failure were the MCU needs to be reset we need to save and reconfigure the RTC. Do you have any suggestions on how… (Show more)
Hello,   Do you know what would be the expected time for the worst case scenario, from the voltage application to the ADuCM3029 to reach the desired minimum voltage in order to release the external reset pin (SYS_HWRST)? and from that point where the reset pin was released, what would be the time to execution the first instruction ?   Thanks for… (Show more)
Hello all,   My question is regarding the behaviour of the ADuCM3029's RTC upon the different reset sources available in the system.  In the ADuCM3029's user guide it clearly states that whenever the Power-On Reset is asserted both RTC0/RTC1 get their registers zeroed, however I was wondering if the RTC0 registers are also zeroed when the… (Show more)
Hi EZ,   I am currently doing a schematic using the ADUCM4050, and his internal ADC, and I would like to know few stuff :  Is that possible to have Vbat_ADC set to a different value than the other Vbat of the microcontroller ?  Is that mandatory to have Vbat_ADC = Vref_ADC ?    I am asking this cause I would like to powered up the ADUCM4050… (Show more)
Hi,   My question regards the behavior of the internal Real Time Clocks in the ADuC3029 upon the different resets available on the system. In the user guide it clearly states that whenever the POR reset is asserted both RTC0/RTC1 get their registers zeroed, however I was wondering if the RTC registers are also reset in the Software, Watchdog or… (Show more)
I am using the code in "UART loopback example" and by disabling the macro for internal loopback trying to communicate with another device( ESP8266 ,CH340 USB to UART converter) using the UART0 functionality. The connections made:- E_UART0_TX (ADuCM4050) to RX (device) E_UART0_RX (ADuCM4050) to TX (device)  Grounds connected. I can't seem to… (Show more)
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