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Application example for 5160-BOB with encoder

Category: Hardware
Product Number: TMC5160-BOB


I am looking to control a stepper motor using a Raspberry Pi and the 5160-BOB. 
There is a guide that describes getting the motor operational, but I'd like to better understand the wiring of the Encoder and reference switches. 

Has anyone done this and would you be willing to share the wiring diagram that you used?


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  • Thanks Koko, 

    My encoder has an index, which I assume would be connected to the ENCN_DCO pin. 
    However, I'm unclear on the power and ground connections for the encoder. 

    I can, of course, connect power and ground to the 5V and GND lines of the pi, but I had expected there would be a 5V and GND reference on the 5160-BOB. 
    Have you connected build this before and where did you connect the 5V and GND cables to?

  • yes, it is ok to use the internal 5V regulator output. 

    solder a cable from this C4, use this as the power source of VDDIO and your encoder. 

    thanks. or you can directly input a 5V input to VDDIO and your encoder.