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TMC2209 Phase output is seen same on custom PCB

Category: Hardware
Product Number: TMC2209

Hi I am working on creating a custom stepper driver PCB with TMC2209 ( a 4 layered PCB ) and I see that the B1 and B2 are outputting same phase outputs whereas there is expected to have a 180* phase difference between both the PWM outputs. 

I tested there is no physical shorting of B1 and B2 pins (as seen on Multimeter continuity mode)  and the trace width is 0.4mm and a gap of 0.2mm. 

I am considering increasing space for the next revision but is that actually the issue or am I missing some software/register setting that may cause this.

I can surely see jittery movement of the motor, but same code is running with TMC2209 Step-stick board. 

This is expected waveform (5V VM):

This is what I am getting: