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  • When powering up the AD8106/AD8107, it is usually necessary to have the outputs be in the disabled state. The RESET pin, when taken low, causes all outputs to be in the disabled state. The RESET pin has a 20 kΩ pull-up resistor to DVDD that can be used to create a simple power-up reset circuit. A capacitor from RESET to ground holds RESET low for some time while the rest of the device stabilizes. The low condition causes all the outputs to disable. The capacitor then charges through the pullup resistor to the high state, allowing full programming capability of the device.

    The AD8106/AD8107 should be initialized after power up to control the supply and bias currents, and to make sure that no unexpected program states are encountered. Initialization is performed by writing a data word of 00000 into all address locations 00 to 07 (000 to 111 binary).