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Some issues about MAX20405

hi, every one,I need some help about MAX20405,do you(maxim) have a vesion with  'Programmable 0.8V to 10V Output' about MAX20405?   the max20405's frequency is  2100KHz, and SPECTRUM is ON.

  • if u need programmable output ,just connect fb to resistor divider , not tied to bias ;below two are 2mhz 

    Connect FB to BIAS for a fixed 5V or 3.3V output voltage. To set the output to other voltages between 0.8V and 10V, connect a resistor-divider from the output (OUT) to GND Figure 2. Select RFB2 (FB to GND resistor) less than or equal to 100kΩ. Calculate RFB1 (OUT to FB resistor) with the following equation: