My Application circuit like this

I tested the voltage of IN1N,OUT1,and use the pin TMPGD drives a LED,

V(IN1N)= V(1N1P),V(OUT1)= V(IN2P),As 

I changed the valtage of TempSet  V(IN2P),Vout1 changed,according to the fomula,Rth changed,

but V(1N1N) still equals to Vref/2,As the voltage divider,

           V(IN1N) =Vref* (Rth+Rx)/(R+Rth+Rx)

V(IN1N) not changed,Rth Neither.

So it is  contradict.I can not understand.

Besides,when I tested the voltage of IN1N,the LED always twinkle. 

Thanks for your explaination.

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