36W Dual Port Car Charger

Hi team, 

Looking any reference or suggestion for 36W Dual Port Car Charger

I'm thinking to use LT8302 in this proposal design.

Looking forward any better proposal and reference design if available.

 The design requirement.

  1. The device will deliver up to 18W charging power on a USB A QC 3.0 port. 3.6 V to 22 V in 200 mV steps (Max 18W)
  2. The device will not interface directly to the infotainment head units, and will be explicitly for charging consumer devices such as laptops, tablets and cell phones in the vehicle cabin.4.     
  3. Quick Charge functions shall only apply to Apple and Samsung consumer device products.
    This device must have appropriate CE and FCC certification and marking for sale on Global John Deere vehicles. Supplier is responsible to obtain the necessary certifications for global sale prior to building it into saleable vehicles
  1. Operating Source Voltage Supply: 9VDC to 32VDC (12/24V).
  2. Customer will using CYPD3196 as main MCU (Automotive grade). 

  3. Required I2C interface as voltage and current adjustment according to QC3.0 authentication. 

Do you have any better proposal for this?