The LTC4162-L has been damaged in 8s Li-ion Pack


I have a Li-ion battery pack with 8 cells in series structure.

The block of the charger is shown below.

I setup the fullcharge voltage is 4.2V, so the battery pack fullcharge voltage is 33.6V .

As noted above,I setup the AC-DC output voltage is 34.2V,but the LTC4162-L was accidentally damaged twice .

I think the voltage fluctuation of power supply csase the accident.

After all, 34.2V and the absolute maxsimum voltage(36V) are too close. 

I had to lower the voltage, but the result was that the battery pack fullcharge voltage could not reach 33.6V.

I have no idea what is the suiteable input voltage for the LTC4162-L if I want to chrage for a 8S Li-ion battery pack or is there another solution for this ?