典型电路我是抄的,    变压器匝比为3.25/4(NP/NS),在轻载的时候并没有进入FCM模式式。随着负载变大,进入CCM,我输出电感用的6.8uH的, 不知道是哪里设置不对。

  • The turns ratio (Np:Ns=3.25:4) is not suitable for 9V-36V input range and 12V output. You might use this turns ratio if the minimum input voltage is higher (>16.5V).

    The reference design has a 10uH output inductor. If you want to use a 6.8uH you might want to use R41=2mOhm resistor, use R40=R45=1.2k, and R47=open.