ltc4015 application- How to count battery's SOC

In my project ,We wanna know the battery's SOC basic on Coulomb Counter,MCU can read battery cell and type, How to design a software to count the SOC, in "4015fb.pdf", LTC4015 Digital System Usage Example 1: Coulomb counter and Low Limit Alert Only, " Register QCOUNT is initialized to reflect the known state of charge, QCOUNT_PRESCALE_FACTOR is written for optimum
range and resolution," 

   But  I have questions that if i don't know QCOUNT and SOC, How to get it basic kind of battery and cell,In pdf docment"EXAMPLE: Setting QCOUNT_PRESCALE_FACTOR and
initializing and calibrating QCOUNT:" I have read it ,Now i wanna some advanced application detail,TKS!