PSE Controller LTC4266A

1. 为什么在POE++应用下需要54.5-57V供电

    why need 54.5-57V not 48V input for POE++

2. 使用在POE++时的默认限流值是多少

     what's the Ilim for POE++

  • Please clarify what you are referring to with PoE++.  The terms PoE, PoE+ and PoE++ are generic and do not specifically apply to a standard.  PoE++ is typically used as a term for PoE power levels higher than IEEE 802.3at Type 2 power (25.5W).  Linear Technology's proprietary LTPoE++ is an example which provides power levels of 38.7W, 52.7W, 70W and 90W at the PD input.

    1) Increasing the minimum voltage requirements is one way to increases the power delivered to the PD.

    2) What are the power levels that you are asking the Ilim on?

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