questions of ADF5610

After I read the datasheet of ADF5610, I am so curious about how it calibrates. First, after we write a frequency that we want, does the FSM choose a subband where the desired frequency falls at the center of the subband? Does the process of selecting a subband need the temperature information or just write a frequency and then it can choose a subband without temperature information? Second, the temperature compensation circuit produces a temperature compensation voltage, after the proper band has been determined, is it right  that the temperature compensation voltage doesn't connect to the VCO VT and the VCO VT is controlled by charge pump(According to the datasheet, it seems so)? If so, after the autocalibration, when the temperature changes, the frequency stability is controlled by charge pump, right? Then it seems that the temperature compensation circuit is not essential. I've been troubled by these problems lately, so annoying! Looking forword to your assistance.

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