Questions of ADF5610 Evaluation Board's use

Our lab bought 2 ADF5610 evaluation boards recently. We know how to use it to generate a frequence automatically(just click "write all registers"), but I don't know how to generate a specified frequency manually. I operate as follows:

1. disable "Autocal Disable"(Register 0x0A Bit[11]);


2. write a frequency in the "RF Output Controls" tap;


3. choose a subband in the "VCO Subsystem" tab;


4. click "write all registers"

As a result, in the Spectrum Analyzer, it shows two wrong Spectral lines(one around 7GHz, the other around 14GHz).  No matter what frequency I write, the Spectrum Analyzer shows the two fixed wrong Spectral lines. So what is the right operation steps to let the ADF5610 generates a specified frequency manually. By the way, what is the relationship between  "Autocal Disable"(Register 0x0A Bit[11], fig.1) and Cal(VCO Register 0x00 Bit[0], fig.2)? Looking forward to for your assistance.