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ADF4110 可以脱离单片机工作吗?


The ADF4110 will start to lock the loop after a write to the AB counter latch.

Your sequence should be something like this:

  1. Power up ADF4110 and VCO - VCO is output is some frequency between its output limits.
  2. Program ADF4110 Initialization Latch (see page 20 of the ADF4110 datasheet).
  3. Program ADF4110 R counter Latch.
  4. Program ADF4110 AB counter Latch.
  5. At this point (specifically, the rising-edge of LE on the AB counter Latch SPI write), the loop will begin to lock.

难道, 每次上电后, 都要通过单片机来执行这个序列 ADF4110 才能开始工作?

是否可以烧写之后, 把 LE, CLK, DATA,CE这些引脚 接地(或接VCC, 或悬空),  然后 ADF4110按照之前的设定开始工作 ??

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