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CN0540 with DE10-nano

I bought your company’s products CN0540 and DE10-nano before(Picture 1).


According to the user manual provided by your company, 24 bit IEPE signal acquisition can be realized with the help of CN0540 with DE10-nano. At the same time, the user manual about DE10-nano also shows that the Internet can be connected through USB-OTG, OTG Cable and WIFI dongle through WIFI.



Using the img file in CN0540 and the DE10-Nano [Analog Devices Wiki] and following the steps, I successfully started the system and completed data collection. I can access the Internet through Ethernet with RJ45, but I cannot access the Internet with WIFI dongle. The device can recognize the WIFI dongle information (such as idVendor and idProduct), but cannot recognize the driver(Picture 2) . At the same time, I used the latest image to construct a CN0540 with DE10 nano image. I encountered the same problem as Picture 2. However this WIFI dongle can access the Internet (Picture 3) under the img file in


Based on the picture about osc.exe in PC you provided in CN0540 and the DE10-Nano [Analog Devices Wiki] , I speculated that your engineers set usb-otg to device when compiling the kernel according to the information (IIo Devices to connect to : USB Device). Therefore , I cannot access the Internet with WIFI dongle. I find the support about USB to Wireless Dongle in USB to Wireless Dongle (Wifi) Support [Analog Devices Wiki]  and I think CN0540 with DE10-Nano can also access the Internet through WIFI dongle.


However, the img file you provided does not include the corresponding source code, because I cannot try to compile the kernel and install the drivers to complete WIFI support. I wish you could give me proper help to complete WIFI support. I wish you could you could provide img files with source code or help me install the device drivers to access the Internet with WIFI dongle. Or my idea is wrong. Maybe you can provide a suitable model of WIFI dongle to access the Internet.


I am looking forward to your reply and your help!


根据贵公司提供的用户手册,在CN0540和DE10-nano的帮助下,可以实现24位IEPE信号采集。同时,关于DE10 nano的用户手册还显示,可以通过USB-OTG、OTG电缆和WIFI dongle,通过WIFI连接互联网。

使用CN0540 和DE10 Nano中的img文件 [Analog Devices Wiki] 并按照步骤,我成功启动了系统并完成了数据收集。我可以使用RJ45通过以太网接入互联网,但无法使用WIFI dongle接入互联网。设备可以识别WIFI加密狗信息(如idVendor和idProduct),但无法识别驱动程序(图2)。同时,我使用最新img构建了一个支持DE10-nano和CN0540 的img。我遇到了与图2相同的问题。然而,此WIFI dongle可以在的img文件下访问互联网(图3)。

基于PC的osc.exe的图片,在CN0540和DE10 Nano [Analog Devices Wiki] 中,我推测您的工程师在根据信息编译内核时将usb otg设置为 device(图中:iio设备连接:usb设备)。因此,我无法使用WIFI dongle访问互联网。我找到了关于USB到无线加密狗的支持在USB to Wireless Dongle (Wifi) Support [Analog Devices Wiki] ,我认为带有DE10 Nano的CN0540也可以通过Wifi dongle访问互联网。

但是,您提供的img文件不包含相应的源代码,因为我无法尝试编译内核并安装驱动程序来完成WIFI支持。我希望你能给我适当的帮助来完成WIFI的支持。我希望你可以提供img文件的源代码,或帮助我安装设备驱动程序,以使用WIFI dongle访问互联网。或者我的想法是错误的。也许你可以提供一个合适的WIFI dongle的型号来接入互联网。


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