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我想使用MCU来一直循环读取sigma studo中处理完的数据,我该怎么做,有做过的朋友嘛,支支招

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  • Hello ningbo,

    I ran your question through a translator:

    "I want to use the MCU to read the processed data in sigma studo in a loop all the time, what should I do?"

    I really need a lot more information as to what you need to do. Parameters and readback cells are always available to be read by an MCU. The data is updated every sample period. However, you cannot read the data that fast unless you are using a serial port to transfer the data into the MCU. If you intend to use the SPI port then it will not be fast enough. What is normally done for things like VU meters is to integrate the audio data over a time period like 10ms and then read the result every 10ms to display the levels. 

    We have other envelope generators to generate peak, RMS or average envelopes over a custom period of time. 

    You may want to watch some of the content on my YouTube channel and much of it is also on the video annex. It helps to show the capabilities and also to describe how it all functions. 

    Channel Welcome Video! (

    Dave T