我在使用AD7151测量电容值时,遇到一种特殊的情况,在被测目标电容值(Data Register读数2600左右)较大的情况下,Data Register里的读数(本应该为常量)却每隔大概五分钟增加一。在电容值较小的情况下(小于2600),没有出现这种漂移的情况。




I encountered a strange problem while using AD7151 as a capacitance sensor in my current smart hardware design.

AD7151 suffers from serious reading drifting in a specific circumstance where the capacitance should be fixed, but is reported as continuously and slowly increasing (data register increments by one every approximately 5 minutes.)

I wonder if this is normal and what can  I do to stress this drifting problem.

Hopefully I made myself clear and feel free to ask me about the configurations of the chip and other design details.

Any comment is appreciated.

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