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ADN4624 MIPI isolator power supply

Hi Team

we are working on CX3 and Deserializer. 

I doubt the working voltage of the ADN4624 Isolator.

In Datasheet it mentioned ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS for VDD1 to GND1/VDD2 to GND2 is -0.3V to 2V  ( In page 8). 

Also in recommended voltage is 1.7V to 1.9V.

If I use 1.8V this will damage the CX3 MIPI port. 

For this application, we need to operate the Isolator to 1.2V. It is possible that ADN4624 works at 1.2V. 

If not will you please recommend the isolator for our application? 

1. MIPI isolator (1Gbps transfer rate per lane)

2. 5kv isolation is needed.

3. Operating working voltage required is 1.2V. 


  • 电压范围是指芯片在此范围内不会受损,并不是其工作电压。


  • Hi NanCui 

    Thanks for your reply.

    We are working on a medical application. So we need to provide a 5KV isolation for MIPI lines. 

    Our Requirement is: 

    Thine serializer ---> Thine Deserializer --> Cx3. Here we need to provide isolation in between Deserializer and Cx3. It's a MIPI interface of about 1.5 Gbps. The Voltage level of the MIPI isolator is about (CML) 1.2V. 

    It should be like this. Thine serializer ---> Thine Deserializer --> (Isolation) --> Cx3