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CN- 0510 measurement

Product Number: CN-0510
Software Version: Analog Devices SensorPal

It is now necessary to use the CN-0510 development board to measure the battery with a larger capacity, but the output impedance spectrum is not as stable as the small-capacity battery, but it is not regular. The impedance spectra of different excitation voltages are tested, but there is no obvious change.

The test results are as follows: 1. Ac voltage 100mV+ DC bias voltage 100mV;

2. Ac voltage 600mV+ DC bias voltage 100mV (AC > DC);

3. Ac voltage 600mV+ DC bias voltage 1200mV (configurable maximum);

4. Ac voltage 300mV+ DC bias voltage 1200mV (software default value).

There is no obvious difference between the impedance spectra in the four cases, and the coincidence degree is high.

Is it possible to increase the current when testing larger capacity batteries?

The user manual says that the loop current is 50mA, can I increase the current by lowering the 62Ω resistance? Or can it be set through software code? This point is not stated in the data sheet, I need your advice.

Thank you!